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FORZA Horizon 3 in 4K

Forza Motorsport 7 might've been an impressive-looking showcase title for Xbox One X at launch, but I get the feeling that plenty of folks would just as well stick with 2016's Forza Horizon 3 if given the choice. Today, the game has added native 4K support for Xbox One X players in a free update.
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Destiny 2

Reviewing a game like Destiny 2 is no easy task, given that it is considered an open world game that you head online to play. It has lots to do, lots to see, and overall there’s a fair amount of gameplay. As I sit here at my desk wondering how I want to do this review, I thought that it would be important to break it up into a few parts, and that includes the single player campaign, the cooperative experience, end-game experience, and of course the adversarial multiplayer experience (PvP). So, without much more of an introduction, here we go.
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We're a new type of community who actually focus on the word community. We have a goal to make in-person events to build off something that other communities can not do. We focus on building a team, and chat about our gaming hobby. Everyone is welcome on our website.
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    • Recapturing the community feel that XCL captured is something that’s been on the mind of several of us for a long time. People have said that we caught lightning in a bottle with XCL. I’ve never agreed with that. At the time there were limited consoles that played online and limited games available. That made getting people all in one place that much easier. With the number of platforms and games available today that isn’t as easy. Attempts have been made to expand upon the original XCL idea but for one reason or another they didn’t pan out.  Instead of trying to make a one size fits all community, we’ve rekindled the Game Canadian name to help build a community that embraces the variety and choices gamers have today. You don’t have to be aligned with one platform or another. You don’t have to be a “mature” player. You don’t have to be a dad. Heck, even the term Game Canadian has more to do with the global perception of Canadians being approachable, accepting and friendly people than limiting ourselves to a certain geography.
    • Well, it’s pretty hard to hide the new changes around GamerDAD.ca, we’ve official became gameCANADIAN.ca. The name change comes after realizing the confusing we brought to our audience. We also wanted to bring something familiar to all of us.

      With the change of name came with a new mini-slightly facelift of the website. We now wear Red instead of Green. Our image still pushes to create a friendly and real-life friendship from coast to coast and beyond.

      Another addition has been made to our team by adding Kirby. We’re not sure why we did it but it seemed like a great idea after we finish that 3 two-four last weekend. On a more serious note if we try…  Kirby brings a lot to the team, he’s a known gaming and tech reviewer, he’s been active in the gaming community for quite some time ( I really don’t know since when, but we’ll pretend it’s over 30 years of experience; it looks great on a resumé)

      More change will come shortly as we build something special and unique.

      Luc Wolfe  
    • F*ck yeah! I got my batteries   Oh and this.     Only took 1.5 days.   Kind of happy I didn't spend 15 to get it Monday!
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