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Have a poutine and a pepsi!....  I actually dislike pepsi

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After pupular demands... here comes a 2nd blog entry

Well well! My first blog entry was so good that it raised the roof off the chart by being the most popular entry since September. Okay I know it was the only one and no one commented on it but I still had over 124 views and with 82 members some of them had to view it at least 2 times.




I love video games... but don't play so much...

Yeah story about a young man, that's has a few more task to his routine life. 3-1/2 years ago ... life was beautiful, i was coming back from work, kissed my wife... started my console and enjoyed my time gaming. Shortly after PAF!! PAF!! PAF!! 3 kids after I got no time, I surf the web and don't start my console that much anymore. As many of you know i'm a big NHL gamer. Although these past few years the game is getting doll and nothing gets me the interest of playing. Lately I've been purc



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We're a new type of community who actually focus on the word community.  We have a goal to make in-person events to build off something that other communities can not do. We focus on building a team, and chat about our gaming hobby. Everyone is welcome on our website.


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