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I love video games... but don't play so much...

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Yeah story about a young man, that's has a few more task to his routine life. 3-1/2 years ago ... life was beautiful, i was coming back from work, kissed my wife... started my console and enjoyed my time gaming. Shortly after PAF!! PAF!! PAF!! 3 kids after I got no time, I surf the web and don't start my console that much anymore. As many of you know i'm a big NHL gamer. Although these past few years the game is getting doll and nothing gets me the interest of playing.

Lately I've been purchasing or receiving older console and old NHL games and started a nice collection, lots of money but I'm happy, I got 14 console plugged in my man cave setup and hoping to get 3 more (sega saturn, NES (can't beleive i dont have that yet) and the Xbox One S). A few months ago I closed my hockey website, it was long over due, the NHL game were getting less interesting. Then I quickly opened up my new website which is a spinoff of a former community for adult-ish people still loving to game and build a tighter community to have events in the future to have gatherings and events throughout Canada and if it happens also in the United States.

I think I wanted to start something that a lot of 25+ guys and girls would have in common. I really believe in this idea of mine, but at the end I just wanna have fun. It's a small getaway for me.


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