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  3. I'm very intrigued with this upcoming streaming service. Knowing Google of its capabilities It looks very promising. Now I'd understand you'd need a good download speed, but for people who don't want to spend a fortune on a custom PC this could almost be the way to go. I was pleased with the presentation. I know a lot of people are mad about the lack of information but this was to be expected. We'll find more information with summer! here's a teaser trailer: https://store.google.com/magazine/stadia
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  5. Well I guess we will see tomorrow, I think if anyone can pull it off it would be Google.
  6. Well my kids love the demo of this game so I think, we'll end up getting it for them, its a vibrant beautiful world and has a few puzzle along the way. Any of you guys getting this game for the kids or even yourself?
  7. I'm in and will be playing once we're back next week from holiday. I was terrible at the first game. I didn't finish the game and maybe levelled to 23? I found some areas and specific bad guys incredibly hard. Still, I far prefer a tactical shooter like this over the COD's. Ray and @BrewGuy are also on XB1. If you haven't played with Brewguy you are seriously missing out.
  8. Hey guys! the rumours are swirling everywhere that Google yes Google are apparently going to get into the console market! Here's the video of the apparent tease. now the controller seems to be pretty bad. like a lot of bad... but that 's bad. I just hope this is a bad design!
  9. Season 2 point towards someone and it's a little shocking
  10. Don"t mess with an angry plumber with a Twitter account Nintendo Canada!!!!
  11. I haven't watched the 2nd one as of yet, but from the first one, I am pretty convinced that the wrong person is in jail.
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  13. I actually brought mine in to work last Saturday, and had a blast playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  14. Qwazyd0gg

    FastestVPN Review

    Todays blog post is brought to you by FastestVPN. FastestVPN offers a competitive all in one VPN solution that is perfect for anyone from casual connector to business professional. With some of the best rates in the business, Fastest VPN offers rates as low as only $0.83/month, or a lifetime subscription for only $80! Visit their site today by clicking on the bold text within this post. I've been using a VPN service FastestVPN for a little over 3 weeks, and during that I have been exceptionally impressed with its ease of use, up-time, connectivity speed, and its suite of features included within the base subscription service. In a previous forum post on this site, I talked briefly about the benefits of using a VPN and why you should be considering one. In case you missed that post, I will link it here (http://bit.ly/2GK8KYV) but also quickly summarize it below: A VPN grants you complete online anonymity (Providing the service you use does not collect/track LOG files), as well as granting you a new geolocation. Why is this important? Well, not every connection you use is secure, especially when it comes to publicly accessible access points. In basic terms, a VPN will act as a tunnel or gateway between you and the internet which will hide your traffic from any prying eyes that may be lurking about. This includes masking P2P usage from your ISP and preventing service/speed throttling if your ISP restricts or limits specific online content or services. Lastly, VPNs can also grant you a new geolocation to theoretically any location across the globe (Dependant on your services server locations), which is great for accessing region locked content like Netflix/HULU/PrimeVideo or preferred pricing while online shopping for digital goods and services. Now, I've been around the block and I've tested a handful of VPN services of the last couple of years. Most start out ok; however, in my experience they tend to either inflate in cost or lose their competitive speed advantages once more people buy into their platform. With that being said, my limited time with FastestVPN has been exceptional to date. I have tested FastestVPN across my wired AMD based desktop PC, my Apple MacBook Pro via Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz & 5Ghz), and my Google Pixel 3 XL via both Wi-Fi & LTE+. Across all services, I found almost the exact same results with the only exception coming from my Pixel 3 XL via LTE+. Upon connecting all of my devices to my closes Hamilton based FastestVPN server, they all yielded 80+% of their connection speed compared to connecting directly through my ISP. On my desktop PC, I my pre-VPN connection was roughly 900mbps upload and download, with a ping of 3. When connected to my VPN using the included FastestVPN software, my results were averaging in the low 800mbps range for download, with the upload staying closer to 850mbps. As for the ping, I saw an average increase of about 10-20ms. I then decided to connect using my MacBook Pro in the far corner of my home with the lowest quality Wi-Fi signal. My pre-VPN results were averaging 90mbps for both my upload and download, with a ping of roughly 22ms. When connected via FastestVPN my speeds were very similar to the slight 80% drop I saw across my wired testing. Download was averaging at about 75mbps, with upload staying higher at roughly 85-90mbps. As for ping, I again noticed about double that of my pre-VPN, going from roughly 22ms to exactly 40ms across every speed test. These results were again replicated with similar results on my Pixel 3 XL via Wi-Fi; however, when testing via LTE+ noticed a drastic change. My pre-VPN LTE+ speeds were averaging 200-215mbps download and 12-15mbps upload, with a ping of 61ms. When connected via the FastestVPN application on my device over LTE+ I was cut down to the mid 30mbps range for download and 15mbps upload, with a ping of 48ms. I'm not sure why I experienced such a drastic change in speed over the LTE+ network; however, I will likely never mask my connectivity over cellular and only performed the testing for curiosity's sake. The next thing I tested was streaming media. At first this looked promising, as I was able to see the entire US library of content via Netflix; however, upon testing a couple of shows I realized Netflix saw right through my ruse and would not allow me to access any of the media. I may test other streaming sites in the future, but for now at least I can tell you that this is not a viable option for Netflix US content from here in Canada. There are other VPN services that offer specific servers to work specifically for this feature. As far as P2P traffic is concerned, I have had no issues to date. Everything downloads and uploads as it should via my client of choice, and I have the peace of mind that if my VPN fails then the built in Kill-Switch will terminate my desktops internet connectivity it allows any traffic to be logged by my ISP. In my 3+ weeks of testing, this has yet to happen, which should hopefully speak towards FastestVPNs overall reliability. Other than that the 256bit AES encryption, DNS leak protection, unlimited bandwidth (This one is HUGE!), and more offer a well rounded suite of options that should please both your average and more advanced users out there. The icing on the cake here is it's pricing and ease of use. I tested the service out for it's $10/month tier; however, will be switching to their $80/lifetime platform once my initial month expires. I have used and cancelled other services in the past that started at a decent up front price; however, would always inflate exceptionally after their given time-frames expired. I remember being shocked a couple years about by a charge of over $100CAD on my credit card, only to find out it was an auto-renewal from the VPN service I signed up for the year before with an introductory offer of I believe $19USD for the first year. After that I tried out a couple other budget oriented options; however, most would only yield speeds around 20-30% of my pre-VPN results when connecting to the closest Canadian server they offered. At the time I was supplementing my entertainment needs with an in-home Plex Server for movies and TV, and those speeds just weren't cutting it for P2P downloads and regular usage all from the same machine. As far as using FastestVPN, it's honestly as easy as downloading the app, selecting your desired server, and hitting connect. This rule of thumb plays true across all the devices I was able to test, and I had no problem using the services at all. For the more technically advanced out there, they also offer the ability to use their services on open-source software driven routers, servers, and more. I honestly think there is something here for everyone, which is very nice to see. So, let's draw a conclusion solely based on my needs, usage, and experience thus far. Opening the application and hitting connect is as easy as pie, in fact it almost feels too easy. Connectivity is fantastic across the testing I had done over the last 3 weeks, and for me I honestly just wanted a VPN that was affordable, log-free, and reliable. FastestVPN checked off all those boxes for me and I love the fact that I can just buy into the lifetime subscription and be done with it. No more worrying about auto-renewals, future costs, or anything else. If they go away or fold in a couple of years, well at least I would have still gotten my moneys worth compared to the alternative VPN services on the market. I honestly urge you to test out their services with their risk-free money back guarantee trial. If you've ever considered a VPN in the past but were maybe scared away by the thoughts of it being too difficult or pricey, then this is the service you should be using. If you're currently using a VPN, which one are you using? I would love to know in the comments section below.
  15. For the one that have watch this series. Do you think the right guy(s) is in prison? Do you have faith in the justice system? Do you think they'll be a change in the case? let us know!
  16. you think cable companies will match this phone services with newer technologies?
  17. Well they advertisement March 10 to be MAR10 day but its been a full of disappointment! The only deal you'll have for a new Mario game at 50% off is if you buy a 379.99 console and you get your game at 50% but and the end you had to shed 420 plus to get a game on sale. I think it's a big big big RIPPY-DEE OFF! I even tweet about it...
  18. I'll show you in game, back in the day, it was all the rage!!! We had laughs over it!!!
  19. Qwazyd0gg

    Who am I?

    Thanks man! I'm glad my ramblings can help you out I've always enjoyed writing, but never really tried applying it towards anything other than school work 15 years ago lol
  20. Get it!!! And I'll teach all about team killing!!!
  21. Because of my poor internet connection, I don't game online that much, so for me SP experiences will always trump MP experience. It's bad enough to listen to my son yell at his TV about "Stupid LAG!!!", that we don't need me to add to that too much. Plus friends can see noticeable issues with me when playing with them online. That being said, I loved RDR2's single player part. I thought it was fantastic.
  22. Agreed, a system needs to be in place for this and for cheaters. A system similar to PUBG were when reported, it sends the minutes before and after the point you report the user. Getting rid of the cheaters and people who are harrassing others would be a great step.
  23. Qwazyd0gg

    Beta tester

    I just wish there were more open Beta's that did not require you to preorder the game. Nothing worse than finding you hate the gameplay mechanics or play style and aren't able to cancel your preorder
  24. I 100% agree with this statement. I too am considering picking up this title, but with first party Nintendo titles carrying that dang "Nintendo Tax" far too often without ever really going on sale, I find it hard to consider games for my Switch. I've already purchased Zelda BOTW (Beat the end game but didn't complete all sides), Mario Party, Pokemon Let's Go, Mario + Rabbids, Smash Bros, and about half a dozen indie titles, and for some reason I just can't bring myself to play them even after spending almost $1000 to get into the platform itself just before Christmas
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