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    It's been a while! Vol: 3


    It's been 2 weeks without or weekly gaming update and during E3 a lot of new games or rumoured games made surface for the first time and gave some AWWWW's to the fans. Microsoft had a strong E3 this year and it was about time. A lot of Xbox gamers felt left behind in the last year but Microsoft delivered, and delivered big, with the acquisition of 4 new studios, Compulsion Games, Ninja Theory, Playground Games & Undead Labs. With the acquisition, Microsoft adds first party game, which was one of their biggest flaw in this current generation. After Microsoft showcase, we had Sony which gave an okay presentation but nothing spectacular, except for Spider-Man and Death Stranding. Finally with Nintendo, after a great unexpected first year for Nintendo Switch, the company main focus was Pokémon and Super Smash Bros: Ultimate. We will also talk about the other AAA titles coming to multiplatform.

    Gears of war 5 is coming to your console sometime in 2019. Yes it's not this year but this game looks great. We don't much about this game, but it feels open world and seems to be a spin-off as for the first time you will control leading character, Kait Diaz in the Gears of War 4 game. Crackdown 3 was also showed and with many disappointed gamers, the game isn't coming in 2018. The open action adventure game is set to hit the shelves in February 2019. Forza Horizon 4 was just as impressive with the arrivals of seasons. The environment looks incredibly beautiful and what we saw the game look just as smooth. Halo Infinite was also introduced but we know very little from this game, we don't know if it's actually coming out to the Xbox one of it's successor.

    Sony Presentation was good but maybe not for everyone. The Last of us Part 2 game looks stunning and gory at the same time, The main character is 5 years older than the first game and he ability has changed. Spider-Man gameplay was introduced with a massive New York City open world and tons and tons of villains. The Game looks fun to put yourself in the shoes of a young superhero. I think the gamers were surprised by the number of supervillains included in the game. It's pretty rare a superhero game looks great or plays great but Insomniac Games seems to have nailed it! We can not wait for September 7.  What else for Sony? Oh yeah that wierd game from Kojima Productions featuring actor Norman Reedus as the main character and Mads Mikkelsen as the big bad villain. The game takes place in an open world set in two worlds the ones of the living and the one of death.

    Nintendo had a lot of games displayed at E3. From Mario Tennis to Xenoblade Chronicles 2  new DLC coming in June, Nintendo was all about content. Sure we can say that Nintendo is in a class of itself for the types of game they offer but they also give the customers unique gameplay and replay value. Just with Super Mario Party, as silly as it sounds a bunch of mid 30's gamers could have as much fun as 10-15-year-old kids. The Party game showed new feature the console could do that us gamers didn't really know, like the battlefield game where you put both switch side by side and have them interact together to become one field. Pokémon fans got more information regarding the next games which seem to be a merge of their mobile game Pokémon Go with the traditional style from version Red and Blue and many others. They talk about the ability to share or give pokemon to friends via the mobile app to help you into your quest. The game might not answer all of their fans but it seems it will be a success like all of their title in the franchise. One thing they haven't talk was their 2019 core game, we know it's coming but that's about it. Let's finish with Nintendo biggest title of the year, Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, featuring all previous fighters from the previous game, that's 65+ characters. Choas is will start December 7 of this year, Parents must expect this game to be on their kids wishlist. The Frenzy continues and seems to be a slam dunk even though we still need to wait 6 months for the game. 

    Triple Eh games!
    The Unravel 2 looked great, it's a unique game in its genre but very beautiful environments and puzzle aspect to the game. The game seems to show emotions in cutscene in brilliant ways. Now let's go with the Shooters, Battlefield V coming October 21st, the campaign mode will have larger and more open environments than those in previous instalments in the series, with more options and choices in terms of paths to completing levels and how to approach combat. From the producers of The Witcher 3, comes CyberPunk 2077, will feature some touchy content for some gamers with Full Nudity, but hey that's not the whole game it's only an aspect. The game was announced 6 years ago and is still in production and we still don't have a release date. Just Cause 4 was announced, coming out this fall, we don't have that many details, but apparently, the weather is an addition, so tornadoes, sandstorms could affect your gameplay and screw you over.

    Other noticeable Games:
    Doom Eternal (TBA)
    StarField (we don't know anything about this game) (TBA)
    Wolfenstein Youngbloods (2019)
    Devil May Cry 5 (Q2 2019)
    Dead or Alive 6 ( Q1 2019)
    Twin Mirror (TBA)
    Hitman 2 (NOVEMBER 13)
    Session (TBA 2019)
    Assassin's Creed Odyssey(OCTOBER 05) 
    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (Q4 2019) 
    Sekiro Shadows Die Twice (Early 2019)

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