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    Weekly Update! vol: 2



    Hey, Gamers!

    This week article will be discussing what's new in the gaming world for every console. Nintendo, release a new switch in Japan for a cheaper price. Sony is releasing a new game called Detroit Become Human while the company is saying that the PS4 is entering the end of its lifecycle, Microsoft on the other hand they hmmm, what did they do this week?

     That's right a new bundle was released for the Nintendo Switch at a cheaper price, but there's a catch, according to some source the bundle doesn't come with a dock or a charging cable for the cost of $45 USD less, averaging about $58 CAD. Now when we think about it a dock cost a whopping $119.99 and a charging cable cost $39.96. So this deal is it really worth it. Nintendo is stating that this version of the console is for a 2nd unit for a household. Many gamers will still find to be much of a bad deal than a great one. Saving about $60 when compare 159.99 or separate cost looks a bit odd.

    A long-awaited game was released on May 25, called Detroit: Become Human give you a different perspective, featuring the ability to play a multitude of characters. The game lets you the ability to continuing playing even though the character dies. Unless I suppose you kill everyone in the game... hmmm, Anyhow, the director or producer of the games took 2 years to write the script. Here's the trailer for the game: 

    Continuing with Sony, John Kodera, The PlayStation executive, said in an interview that the PS4 is in the final stage of its lifecycle. In the next 3 years, Sony will take steps to prepare for the future. I wonder what that could be. Now as a gamer I'm thinking: Already? isn't this half the lifespan of the ps3 we just got to, so as a hockey gamer I went and check, my NHL collection, the PS3 has 9 games while the PS4 only released 4. Meaning my console should still be good for another 5 years. This is frustrating thinking we'll need to spend more money.

    This week Microsoft, well there was an update earlier this much that lets you support 120Hz refresh rates. These are supported for 1080p as well as 1440p on the Xbox One S & the Xbox One X. The Higher refresh rates will mostly  provide smoother gaming and lower latency and as a result, will reduce tearing and stuttering in some games.

    The hidden gem of the week:
    The White Steelseries Arctis 3 which is compatible with all platforms (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch & mobile)  

    This week's video:
    Don't forget to check out our friend Qwazydogg on his review at the following video: 



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