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The Community that once existed is making a return as a Club under the GameCanadian.ca brand

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  2. Did you bought NHL 18?

    Yep. I enjoyed the 3 on 3. The inclusion of the Spengler Cup and the Champions League is great.
  3. I personally didn't buy this game which is a first in 16-17 years, I will get it...likely used or at a discounted price as the vision of the NHL team is all about HUT and not actual gameplay. Hut is a cash grab and I hope it buries the series as the dev team has no great initiative ideas to help grow this franchise.
  4. Well not really just as a sub community to GameCanadian.ca. CTN was open for over 10 years. It had a great 4-5 years but the last 5 years was dreadful. We're mostly gonna act as a hub for any NHL series, right now there's only EA Sports... but NHL gamers would welcome a second one for sure. More to come! crashthenet.ca domain name is still active!
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