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  2. looking for headset

    I might go to the 5 after you get them and get a great review!
  3. Trumps Solution To End Gun Violence is.....

    The blame needs to go somewhere and it sure as hell won't go to the lack of gun control. Trump does not want to bite the hand that fed him and powered his election. The Republicans will come up with every other option, including arming teachers (are you kidding me), yes lets put more guns in the schools. I still do not understand how this guy made it into the White house. I get they didn't want the Clinton's in power, but really?
  4. Today
  5. ....... to attack video games and make them the culprit? Not the fact that any lunatic with a pulse can own a gun in the United States? I bet you any money, that video games have saved more people from violence as a way of acting out their rage, than any NRA sponsored initiative has! Link To News Article
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  7. Hey all!

    i think he's an imposter should I delete the account...
  8. looking for headset

    Stay away from at least this TB headset; Earforce X07 Premium Headset. The head set has cracked twice on me where the highlight and the white mark is. They are a good headset, but that plastic plate is a piece of crap, not sure why they didnt put a steel piece there?
  9. Hey all!

    Welcome back Paul!!
  10. looking for headset

    I have been looking into headsets myself. Currently I have Astro A30's and I am happy with them, but I'm looking for an over the ear option as well. The Two that I have been keeping an eye on are the Steelseries Arctis 5 and the HyperX Cloud 2. Here's a Tom's Guide headset review. They have the Arctis 7 at the top, but it's pricey. You get the same speakers in the 5 tho. I'll probably get the 5's unless something deters me. I'm waiting on an Amazon price drop. They are currently 124.99, but I have seen them as low as 89.99. https://www.tomsguide.com/b2c-ab-test/gaming-headsets/index.html
  11. Hey all!

    Welcome noob!
  12. Hey all!

    I walked these forum halls a few years back and had the opportunity to play with a number of you. My GT at the time was CougarFang, but I have since changed it to NineZero5ive. My name is Paul and I started my gaming on my trusty Atari 2600. I have probably owned most consoles, but have a strong connection to the Xbox (just pissed they screwed up the XB1 launch). I remember having some great times with this group in Battlefield and Forza, so I look forward to the possibility of jumping in a sharing some laughs. Recently I have been spending most of my time playing League of Legends (PC), COD WWII (Xbox) and R6 Siege (PS4), but I have a bit of a backlog of games that I should try to tackle. Haha. Look forward to see you guys around.
  13. What format are you buying games in?

    Totally depends on the platform and cost. For years I've been moving into digital only since I rarely if ever resell my games and disc space takes up so much less physical space that game cases. But with the pre-order discount from Amazon Prime I've been buying more physical games for my consoles as of late, especially the Switch due to it's limited storage (I had to buy an SD card for Bayonetta 1). smaller games on Switch I'll buy digital for it but everything else I rather go physical. I don't think I've bought a physical game for my PC in over a decade.
  14. I'm always up for some PC gaming, my GTX 1080 ti needs to stretch its legs. Currently playing SW Battlefront 2, GR Wildlands, and Elite Dangerous... but have a ton of other games too. Can find me on Steam under X-Warlock.
  15. Last week
  16. Bacon, bacon and more bacon

    Don't eat for the rest of the week!
  17. What format are you buying games in?

    I like digital for the convenience. I will still buy physical copies of games that retain their value, mostly Nintendo first party titles, in case I decide to trade them in.
  18. Test Event number 29

    Host: Kiesey Time: 7pm-9pm EST Where: Xbox Live
  19. Bacon, bacon and more bacon

    How do you stay so thin?
  20. Ottawa weather next 2 weeks

    I would say spring is around the corner!
  21. Ottawa weather next 2 weeks

    Probably the coldest it has been since our move here in August.
  22. It takes guts to go viral, i'm sure some of his friends will even bash the guy for what he did. For me it's a no brainer... but down the border not everyone thinks a like. Good on Mr. Pappolardo
  23. Ottawa weather next 2 weeks

    Well the 4 feet of snow will likely melt in the next few days... excellent!
  24. Well, this is quite surprising seeing a guy who left on a somewhat bad term and starting a company in direct competition with the WWE to head into their Hall Of Fame, the guy was a good wrestler and smart company man. Good on him!
  25. looking for headset

    Hey guys in a few month when thing settle i'd like to get a new headset for both of my consoles (Xbox One and PS4). I don't want to break the bank eithe. Is there a model i should get in particular? I don't need the top one either.
  26. who cares about the photoshop job... oh never mind
  27. Yes. The colour of PEOPLETOBA is darker than the WELCOME TO BIENVENUE AU Plus the Manitoba logo needed to be changed to Peopletoba
  28. What do people do once retired...

    how can a builder go off budget without your consent?
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