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  2. lucwolfe

    Canada's Wonderland new ride in 2019

    i'm not planning to ride that, but the wife probably
  3. creeping judas

    Hello from Haliburton, Ontario.

    Yes I was, not the original wave, but I guess the 2nd wave when it went from MS Clubs to a full blown web site. I will try and remember to send an invite, but I am now old and forget easily!!
  4. creeping judas

    Canada's Wonderland new ride in 2019

    You will never catch me on that thing, ever!!!
  5. Well, I just poop my pants... a little first person shooter view....
  6. Hey @Fifty do you like those? I DIG IT!
  7. lucwolfe

    Hello from Haliburton, Ontario.

    Sam doesnt like to send invites... Right Sam?
  8. Kellerstein

    Hello from Haliburton, Ontario.

    Thanks Judas, Your name sounds familiar, you were part of the original XCL group right? I love it up here! Can you send me an invite to the Game Canadian club on Xbox Live?
  9. source: https://kotaku.com/ign-pulls-ex-editors-posts-after-dozens-more-plagiarism-1828357792 I saw the video that Filip posted after getting caught for plagiarism. he only apologizes to IGN, DEAD Cells creators but not the author of the review itself. That's kind of a swing and a miss
  10. creeping judas

    Hello from Haliburton, Ontario.

    Welcome to the community Kellerstein!! Drove through Haliburton last summer, and what a beautiful town!!
  11. lucwolfe

    Hello from Haliburton, Ontario.

    Hey Kellerstein welcome back to the gang. I'm not an original XCL member but we're trying to recreate the community. I'll add you once I jump back on my Xbox. The community might be a bit slow right now, althoughwe will be working to change that. Happy to have you with us
  12. BBQ Bacon

    Hello from Haliburton, Ontario.

    Welcome. Don't eat the yellow snow!
  13. Kellerstein

    Hello from Haliburton, Ontario.

    Hey all, I'm a 39 year old gamer from Haliburton, Ontario. I work as an IT Technician for the County. Also the parent of a 13, 10, and 4 year old. Busy busy. Some of you may remember me from the XCL days, my Gamertag was Draegoth back then. You also may remember me getting heavily roasted by BrewGuy. Haha. Feel free to add me (Gamertag is Kellerstein), I'm usually on at night or on weekends.
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  15. lucwolfe

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    THis game is now at 67 different fighters excluding echo fighter. It has 103 stages which probably makes the biggest fighting game on the market. Here's the latest Nintendo Direct with the latest news on the game.
  16. JohnnyXeo

    Xbox Playdates Canada: No Man's Sky

    Host: JohnnyXeo
  17. until
    Host: JohnnyXeo
  18. “The media still coming in from the U.S. is enormous and, unfortunately, the pickup of bad news is tenfold that of good news,” said Toys ‘R’ Us Canada president Melanie Teed-Murch, who is embarking on a two-month coast-to-coast tour to promote the chain’s plans under the wing of new owner Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., which bought the 82-store retailer for $300 million in early June. (Bloomberg earlier this week reported that Fairfax and former Toys ‘R’ Us chief executive Jerry Storch are trying to reboot the U.S. chain.) source: https://business.financialpost.com/news/retail-marketing/toys-r-us-canada-wants-you-to-know-it-is-alive-and-well-and-not-going-anywhere-any-time-soon?cpc=true&source=facebook I think this is great news I think for us Canadians!
  19. creeping judas

    Forza Horizon 4 Will Be A Part Of Games Pass!!!

    This is good news, even if you payed for one month subscription, just to play the game to see if you like it!! It will be the standard edition, so if you want more cars and VIP experience then you will need to buy a full copy.
  20. JohnnyXeo

    Xbox Playdates Canada: Gears of War 4

    Host: NorthernZoot
  21. creeping judas

    Shadow of Tomb Raider Goes Gold

    Great game, fantastic graphics in places, especially with the Xbox Enhanced version. I did have to lower the difficulty to low, because these days I am not as good of a gamer as I used to be. So now I play on the easy level of most games so I can enjoy the game.
  22. until
    Host: JohnnyXeo
  23. lucwolfe

    Shadow of Tomb Raider Goes Gold

    i downloaded the previous game but haven't finished it yet, if I do get to it and enjoy I might jump on it! So it's not a no, but I got to finish the other game first.
  24. JohnnyXeo

    Xbox Playdates Canada: Forza Horizon 2

    Host: JohnnyXeo
  25. until
    Host: NorthernZoot
  26. JohnnyXeo

    Xbox Playdates Canada: Titanfall 2

    Host: NorthernZoot
  27. JohnnyXeo

    Xbox Playdates Canada: Overwatch

    Host: NorthernZoot
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