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  2. I'll likely end up going to see this...
  3. I was looking at the game until it was a 4-0 and it was great to see a city cheering for their team. Winnipeg is a very small market and it must of been great to be there yesterday! Wishing them all the best! GO JETS GO!!!
  4. Last week
  5. NHL 19

    that game needs a refreshing look.
  6. Test your speeds through Google

    It is not better than Speedtest. Speedtest uses the best server for you. http://www.speedtest.net/
  7. NHL 19

    I just copied what the survey had.
  8. NHL 19

    is it going to be a new engine?
  9. Test your speeds through Google

    in case you didnt see Andrew speed @creeping judas
  10. Hello from NB!

    you're never quitting! Welcome Andrew I hope you enjoy the weirdness that we bring to the public! Hope to game with you also!
  11. NHL 19

    I do surveys for Air Miles points and today, I got one for NHL 19. Here are the features the game will have. The Great Outdoors. Hockey returns to its roots in NHL 19 by taking the sport back to the great outdoors. For the first time in franchise history, step onto the pond and compete in the all new Outdoor Ones game mode, where you and two other players compete in a 1v1v1 free-for-all gauntlet for goals. Showcase your skills and creative as you compete for rank and progress to new outdoor locations with no rules, no stoppages, and no limits. The Legends Have Arrived. NHL 19 introduces over 600 hockey legends from spanning 100 years of NHL history. All of the sport's greatest players, including Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe, Jean Beliveau, and hundreds more are fully available to compete as or against. NHL 19 also introduces historic teams with original rosters. Experience the thrill of playing as The Great One as you compete as the 1984 Edmonton Oilers or create the ultimate fantasy matchups between today's superstars and yesterday's legends. Available in single player and multiplayer modes, history is now at your fingertips to play, team up and compete as the best of the best. Real Player Motion Tech. For the first time in EA SPORTS NHL, the revolutionary Real Player Motion Tech introduces the most advanced gameplay innovation of this console generation. RPM Tech delivers all-new explosive-edge skating, enabling more control over how players generate speed using edgework and crossovers. Players can now experience more responsiveness in their acceleration, high-speed movement, and pin-point turns. RPM Tech combines with brand new physics and collision detection technology that make jaw-dropping hits more life-like, contextually varied, and satisfying. NHL 19 looks better, plays better, and feels better than ever before with the biggest year-on-year gameplay innovation in franchise history. Be A Beauty. Be A Beauty is an evolution of the fan-favorite EA SPORTS Hockey League that introduces a unified progression and customization system for your create-a-character across multiple game modes. Now you can earn customization gear and apply unique style traits to your character that impact playstyle across EASHL and multiple new game modes, including NHL THREES Drop-in, Outdoor Ones and Pro-Am. There have never been more ways to customize your look, performance and playstyle on your way to becoming a true beauty out there. Express Yourself. NHL 19 introduces over 900 all-new customization options for your create-a-character, giving you the freedom to create and express yourself on the ice like never before. For the first time in franchise history, choose between authentic NHL equipment and gear or create a unique look inspired by pond hockey with lifestyle gear and clothing from some of the biggest brands in sports. Express yourself in new lifestyle clothing options, including toques, hoodies, tracksuits and more. Design your own look and colors, or deck your team out in authentic gear from Adidas and other lifestyle brands. NHL 19 gives you the freedom to create, express yourself and compete as the player you've always wanted to be.
  12. Hello from NB!

    Welcome. I thought 1 East coaster was too many.... I kid.
  13. Hello from NB!

    A fellow Maritimer! Welcome
  14. Test your speeds through Google

    Another one with decent internet speeds!! I'm lucky if i get 10mbs out of my up to 20mbs connection!! GGGRRRRRR!!!!
  15. Hello from NB!

    Checked out the channel and subscribed!! Very cool stuff. Welcome to site Andrew!!
  16. Hello from NB!

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to pop in here and take a second to introduce myself. My name is Andrew and I am from a small town outside of Moncton, NB, Canada. I've been heavily involved in the technology industry for the last 15 years through various lines of work, personal hobbys, testing platforms, and YouTube. Aside from work and media creation, I love to play games in my spare time when I am not occupied with my wife and two daughters. Feel free to have a stop by my YouTube channel as well www.youtube.com/qwazyd0gg
  17. Test your speeds through Google

    Interesting. I wonder if it is running through the Google DNS servers and into their database in the states. When running the Google speed test, I am only getting slightly lower than 100mbps/100mbps; however, when I run the official speedtest via either my ISP provided website or speedtest.net I am getting ober 800mbps for download and upload (http://www.speedtest.net/result/7234867798). I know the more traditional speedtest sites connect you to the nearest connection point, so I am assuming that Googles is probably routing into the states.
  18. 4K HDMI splitter

    All the switches on the market to my knowledge are only 60hz. Finding a true 120hz TV is a rarity since most just utilize 60hz and internally double the frames in the display itself. For those panels that do actually display and accept a true 120hz signal, they normally only accept such a signal from a PC as home theater equipment are normally restricted to between 24-60p depending on the way your media is encoded. With the recent launch and announcement of Nvidia Gsync televisions, I hope to see more equipment outputing and adapting to high refresh rates.
  19. Recommendations for extending home wireless?

    I've been testing a variety of wifi routers and range extenders over the last couple of years. The main issue with an extender is you have a secondary point of connection causing a potential failure point for handoff and NAT related issues. Mesh systems aim to fix that by blanketing an entire household with overlapping connections rather than relying on creating multiple separate points of connectivity. I am testing the Linksys Velop mesh system at the moment and the results seem exceptionally promising. I should have a video about the system posted to the site sometime soon.
  20. Monitor over a TV

    The benefit of having multiple inputs rather than relying on a single input coming from an amp is you can tune separate profiles for each HDMI. As an examples, for most games you will want to enable some sort of digital or software based smoothing and you will more than likely want a more saturation heavy color profile. Having a monitor with at least dual inputs means you can set this profile for gaming, while leaving different profile for the 2nd input in a more color accurate fashion with less digital smoothing for media consumption or photography/videography work.
  21. Monitor over a TV

    I might be looking at the 32 inch model with 2 hdmi output but it will likely be connected in my receiver which means.... inifinite HDMI GALORE!!!
  22. Earlier
  23. Monitor over a TV

    1 HDMI connection? Should have at least two. so you can hook your Xbox to it!
  24. Forza Horizon 4 Has Been Outed!!

    So there are some rumours out there that a 4th instalment in the Froza Horizon series will be announced soon, and will be ready to go for the late fall season as per usual. I think most of us are going "duh" of course it's coming out. But you also have to remember that Playground games is also working on an unannounced open world game. So it makes one wonder if the team has enough team members to carry off both projects?
  25. Monitor over a TV

    I think i've found it!
  26. Sea of Thieves or Sea of Turds?

    It makes me motion sickness ... blaghs.
  27. PS4 Pro. Worth the upgrade?

    With God of War coming (and getting incredible reviews), I've been considering whether or not the upgrade from a regular PS4 to a Pro is really worth it. Any Pro owners out there that can comment one way or another?
  28. That's a cool looking 3rd party accessory!
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