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  2. BBQ Bacon

    2018 Boozy Advent Calendar

    One more week to come.
  3. until
    Xbox Playdates Canada - Gears 4 Play date
  4. until
    Xbox Playdates Canada Plants vs Zombies GW2 Play date
  5. BBQ Bacon

    Ready for Christmas?

    We are all done. Been done for close to a month now. Thursday is my last day of work for 2018.
  6. lucwolfe

    Ready for Christmas?

    Hey Gamers! All of you done your xmas shopping for next Tuesday?
  7. JohnnyXeo

    No Playdates - Christmas Holidays

    No Playdates - Christmas Holidays
  8. JohnnyXeo

    No Playdates - Christmas Holidays

    No Playdates - Christmas Holidays
  9. Last week
  10. lucwolfe

    We need to do something.... It's been 2 years

    FORTNITE!!!! actually its cross platform, its fun with friends because we'll all go down at once
  11. rcb031

    Beta tester

    Has anyone been invited to be a beta tester? I just got an invite to test out MLB the show 19 and I've only had my PS4 for 3 weeks
  12. I sure am! What kind of event are you thinking of?
  13. lucwolfe

    We need to do something.... It's been 2 years

    No but we have key elements here that people oversee! @creeping judas @Fifty @The Outcast @X-Warlock @lucwolfe --------------Then we have ---------------- Microsoft Xbox Guys @creeping judas @Fifty (forza fan boy) @The Outcast @X-Warlock @lucwolfe @MartyB @Night Begins ( x#hardcoregamer) @AustinTessier (NHL Guy) @BrewGuy (i think he likes soda's) @NorrEastr (he's from the West) @noodle @Tywaz (forza fan boy) Sony PlayStation Crew @lucwolfe (doesn't get any more french than this) @rcb031 (he's weird!) @noodle (lipton good) @Qwazyd0gg (Our Biggest Youtuber on the community) Nintendo Switch Portable Friends @lucwolfe @noodle @jenwolfe @Qwazyd0gg @CaNERDian (Major gamer from the East Coast) @Kamakozzy45 (he's not Canadian but we'll take him) @MajorProblems @Manicus (weirdest guy from the French Province) @Mystike (Manicus' GF) Steam Big Rig @MaxKool @Mercury869 @TheRealShmadum @R4Z @R0MANI96
  14. lucwolfe

    Not a bad last 12hours pick up

    I got my pre order on friday? Did you get yours Marc?
  15. creeping judas

    We need to do something.... It's been 2 years

    Hard to with very little activity in these forums!!
  16. lucwolfe

    Tom Wilson goes back on the spotlight!

    that's harsh my friend!
  17. rcb031

    Tom Wilson goes back on the spotlight!

    I don't feel bad that Reaves got him good
  18. We're getting close to 2 years of being online and we still didn't have a gaming event... Kind of lame eh?
  19. creeping judas

    Ashen on the Xbox One

    This is available with the Game Pass currently on the Xbox One. I've played it, and I have to say the art direction in this game is one of the best I've seen in a while, and totally different then anything else I've seen before. The gameplay will be familiar to those who play action RPG's, and the story line is inventive. I highly suggest you go out and give it a try!!
  20. Earlier
  21. creeping judas

    Free Fortnite, and Purchased Fortnite, What is the Difference?

    Thanks Shad, I was mainly wondering if it had more content then the F2P one. And Connor does pay from his allowance for the battle pass each time it comes out. I haven't really played it as I am not that good with the battle arena games!
  22. rcb031

    Are you getting Spider man?

    Still really liking the game. Story is excellent and there's so much free roaming that you can do and side missions out the wazoo. Definitely recommend this game
  23. Not a song in particular but lately I've been listening to a ton of Gary Cherone. Yes, that Gary Cherone. Crazy good singer.
  24. The only think you pay for are cosmetic differences for your character. Anything you pay for does not impact how the game it played or give you any advantage. For example, you can buy skin packs, different gliders, emotes and axes (used to mine resources). The game is also broken up into seasons which are about 90 days long. For $13 or so you can purchase a battle pass that earns you greater rewards for earning XP and completing specific in-game challenges. It is a prestige thing. I've been playing Fortnite more and more with Sam. There are plenty of game modes these days. It is not just the last man standing mode from the original. We enjoy playing the team modes which include respawns and you don't lose your equipment. The building part still seems to be beyond my ability though. It's fun!
  25. lucwolfe

    Guacamelee! 2

    so many colours! Games looks great for a party game, not sure its the type of game i'd play alone though
  26. lucwolfe

    Not a bad last 12hours pick up

    lol i'm a noob too, I pre-ordered from walmart and will return the copy from my preorder with the receipt of today... due to CAnada post delays in Ottawa can take over 17 days
  27. noodle

    Guacamelee! 2

    My favorite game on the PS Vita was the first Guacamelee. Looking forward to part 2 on the Switch next week: http://www.guacamelee2.com/ As a bonus it's made by a Toronto studio. Seem to remember a lot of folks here enjoying their earlier games.
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