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    Hey everyone, Just wanted to pop in here and take a second to introduce myself. My name is Andrew and I am from a small town outside of Moncton, NB, Canada. I've been heavily involved in the technology industry for the last 15 years through various lines of work, personal hobbys, testing platforms, and YouTube. Aside from work and media creation, I love to play games in my spare time when I am not occupied with my wife and two daughters. Feel free to have a stop by my YouTube channel as well www.youtube.com/qwazyd0gg
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    I've been testing a variety of wifi routers and range extenders over the last couple of years. The main issue with an extender is you have a secondary point of connection causing a potential failure point for handoff and NAT related issues. Mesh systems aim to fix that by blanketing an entire household with overlapping connections rather than relying on creating multiple separate points of connectivity. I am testing the Linksys Velop mesh system at the moment and the results seem exceptionally promising. I should have a video about the system posted to the site sometime soon.
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    A fellow Maritimer! Welcome
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    So this one was a fun one! haven't really played with a group of people that I may know directly or indirectly in a long time! Was refreshing!
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    Hey guys. My name is Eric and I'm 33 years old. HUGE game fan and a sucker for a good classic RPG or anything using a Guncon! My current passion is my website and building a 6 foot throne entirely out of old broken consoles, controllers ect; the "Throne of Games". Has been the greater part of a decade collecting for it but its getting close! I know it is a fresh community just starting up but I look forward to being apart of GameCanadian and getting some sweet conversations on the go!
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    Hey Eric, I could make a very similar pile. Just missing the gameboy colour, that purple/pink screen that I am not sure what it is exactly and the power glove. Cool stuff!
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    Meeting in Niagara Falls, and renting out the new Mario Kart themed go kart track for a few hours of fun!!
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    I’m finally on this site...!
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    I don't think so Dean, but Luc did find this one app and set up a Game Canadian room already! Here's the link!
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    Welcome, and please do not pet the residents!!
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