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    I walked these forum halls a few years back and had the opportunity to play with a number of you. My GT at the time was CougarFang, but I have since changed it to NineZero5ive. My name is Paul and I started my gaming on my trusty Atari 2600. I have probably owned most consoles, but have a strong connection to the Xbox (just pissed they screwed up the XB1 launch). I remember having some great times with this group in Battlefield and Forza, so I look forward to the possibility of jumping in a sharing some laughs. Recently I have been spending most of my time playing League of Legends (PC), COD WWII (Xbox) and R6 Siege (PS4), but I have a bit of a backlog of games that I should try to tackle. Haha. Look forward to see you guys around.
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    I like digital for the convenience. I will still buy physical copies of games that retain their value, mostly Nintendo first party titles, in case I decide to trade them in.
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    You can take want you want from here: 2008 Expo https://flic.kr/s/aHskV5frWH Or here: 2007 Expo https://flic.kr/s/aHskUVuYhE
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    So we broiled them in the oven, but not long enough so they didn't feel crispy in that sense. But the meat on the bones was real good and tasty! I think marinating them overnight would be a good idea as well, possibly in a brine solution!
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    That's my set up. I have my PC beside on my desk beside the TV since I'm in a small Vancouver apartment. When I feel like playing on the TV, I hook up with HDMI and use the wireless controller adapter and sit on my couch. Gotta make sure to use Game Mode on the TV though. Latency can be pretty bad sometimes.
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    I would definitely buy it. It's my favourite game of all time though, so there's no bias here. I had it on PS2 back then, and played it through like 3 times. Had the HD Remaster on PS3, played it through once. Now, I'm getting this on Tuesday, and I'm super pumped to be able to play through this remake of my favourite game.
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    Our biggest issue with our community is that we are not achieving what our purpose is which is build a core of good gamers and have a community feel to it with actually gaming time. Let's set a date so we can game soon. Pick a game and a date and time!
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    Just search Game Canadian and you will find us. Looking for a PS owner, who can start one on the PS side of things!! Not sure, is there Steam communities out there?
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    Thanks CJ, I've posted a couple of the gaming sessions I'm trying to run I'm the group and hoping to do more if me can find times and games that work for people. I like the idea of the looking for group posts on Xbox and hope it helps us get in some games.
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    Is the Asus the one that you can put one on each floor and have total coverage. Here are some solid options Shadola: http://www.netgear.com/orbi/ https://www.asus.com/ca-en/AiMesh/ http://ca.dlink.com/products/connect/covr-3902-ac3900-whole-home-wi-fi-system/ https://store.google.com/product/google_wifi That is all I got for now.
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    My brother has had great success with a Mesh Network. Big coverage with little overhead.
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    For those of you trying to cut back on the carbs, here's a great pizza dough recipe to help. The recipe for the dough can be found here and is a Weight Watchers 3 point 5 ingredient recipe. Start by making the dough recipe linked above. We had to add some more flour to be able to role out the dough without it sticking. Bake the dough for about 25 minutes at 350F. Then remove and turn your oven to broil. Add the toppings of your choice and broil to melt and crisp up the cheese. Slice and serve and enjoy.
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    Asus have routers that can act as routers and buy another one as an extender. I wired my house myself so what I did is my router at my cable box plugs into a hub in my basement which connects to 16 connection and I have a wireless router upstairs so it's a different network but still as fast.
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    Holy crap man that looks good. We will definitely be trying this one out. Do you guys count WW points all the time? I swear by WW.
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    Dare we even ask why you're asking this question Luc? Give us some context buddy!
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    Dirty comments like? "You forgot to wash behind your ears." "You didn't wash your jeans."
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    I have the switch dock underneath the main TV in the living room. With a HDMI cable running behind the center speaker into a HDMI switch. The outputs from the switch go to either TV. So we can press the button and change quickly what TV the Nintendo switch is displaying on. I hope that is what you were looking for Fifty.
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    Game pass games can work on other consoles. I just had to login into my account to download then to my son's so he could play them.
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    So far with the Switch I've been buying Physical as I get a 20% discount on Physical games at Best Buy and I don't have to worry about expanding the Storage.
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    I'd love to get some games in again. I've been a solo player for far too long. With Split/Second coming to games with Gold next month it seems like a great choice. We used to have some great races online in that game and it was "Dam" fun.
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    Bacon is the duct tape of food!!
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    Who doesn't love food.....and of course bacon. I am all in too see what you have to offer up for scrumptious food ideas. Kirby Y
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    Nice! Little known fact: Rabbit has a prosthetic leg and also is in the original P90X Plyometrics video.
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