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....... to attack video games and make them the culprit? Not the fact that any lunatic with a pulse can own a gun in the United States? I bet you any money, that video games have saved more people from violence as a way of acting out their rage, than any NRA sponsored initiative has! 

Link To News Article

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Unfortunately it is rumored to be a streaming service, meaning you would probably require a net connection of 25mbs and over, or the input lag would be horrendous!


Link to news story.
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For those of you with an Instant Pot you have to try this.  Next time I don't think I'll pressure cook for as long as the chicken was pretty much falling off the bone taking from the pot.  For those of you in an environment where you can not have a fire, crisping them up in the oven would work just as well...just not as tasty in my opinion.


Throw frozen chicken wings into the instant pot and add Frank's Wing Sauce and toss about.



Pressure cook for 15 minutes.  I did 20 minutes (the default) and I found it to be too long.  Once the pressure has been released (for any of you Darwin Award wannabe's please release the pressure in a safe manner) throw them onto a baking sheet or a mesh cooker for the fire pit.



Add some extra Frank's wing sauce and get them grilling.  See that smoke?  That is extra flavour you won't get from an oven.  Maybe on a gas grill with a smoke packet.



Getting nice and close to the coals for added crispyness.


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Link to Phil Spencer's announcement

If I read this correctly it appears all new exclusive Xbox One games will be available to Game Pass subscribers right from launch day. With games like Sea of Thieves and especially Crackdown 3 coming that immediately makes me interested.

I can't help but wonder if this is the beginning of a movement towards a subscription based service along the lines of Spotify, Apple Music or Beachbody on Demand. At the same time, if I just plopped full price to get in to the Sea of Thieves beta that starts this week I'd maybe be kind of upset.
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Article on Autoblog

Looks like the 2020 Golf GTI and R models are getting nice bumps in power. The R is going from 295 hp to 350. It already does 0-60 in the mid 4's. This is nuts. Golfs are one of the few cars you can still find in a 3-pedal manual transmission.

I like cars that perform and that aren't overly flashy. So this totally sets the timeframe in which I need to get Janice a new car...
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Well, it’s pretty hard to hide the new changes around GamerDAD.ca, we’ve official became gameCANADIAN.ca. The name change comes after realizing the confusing we brought to our audience. We also wanted to bring something familiar to all of us.

With the change of name came with a new mini-slightly facelift of the website. We now wear Red instead of Green. Our image still pushes to create a friendly and real-life friendship from coast to coast and beyond.

Another addition has been made to our team by adding Kirby. We’re not sure why we did it but it seemed like a great idea after we finish that 3 two-four last weekend. On a more serious note if we try…  Kirby brings a lot to the team, he’s a known gaming and tech reviewer, he’s been active in the gaming community for quite some time ( I really don’t know since when, but we’ll pretend it’s over 30 years of experience; it looks great on a resumé)

More change will come shortly as we build something special and unique.

Luc Wolfe  
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Regardless of the drama that surrounds this game at the moment this is a day one purchase in our house. Sam is more excited for this game than Mario to the point where I'm thinking twice about even buying a Switch for the boys for Christmas. Anyone else getting this game? We're playing on XB1.

Or has the recent backlash changed your mind? I must say it was nice to see EA address this today and actually implement some positive changes.
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Do you guys to download your games or the have a physical copy of it.

I like having a physical copy of it so I can always play when I want with it. By having it digitally I'm always scared that in the future if I wanted to play it and the company doesn't support or exist.
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9.9/10 After 29 reviews over at N4G!


97/100 After 66 reviews on Meta Crtic!

Meta Critic - Score will change with the number of reviews

That is fantastic!! Now I wonder if somehow I can convince the wife that the Switch is for her and not for me, as she loves Mario!

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How Activision uses matchmaking tricks to sell in-game items. - via Rolling Stone.

Granted this is interesting technology but now we're to believe that matchmaking isn't fixed?
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So the new fall update has rolled out for some of us at least. What do you think so far? Do you like it?

My only issue is that to find out your progress against your friends isn't as easy to get to as it was in the past, but other than that I like it!

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Hey guys,

As you can see GamerDADS change a tiny bit over the last week. I'm really happy how the website is looking and how it's taking shape. I'll just enumerate what changes were made as of late.

new look with a rotating banner on the main page (showcase events, clubs, online deals)

added wallpapers for your pc or consoles

Added @X-Warlock to the team as an admin/web dev

New clubs for every console, (that will help to plan out events for our members)

We are also trying to work on creating an online store to sell, hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, etc.

We also want your input of streaming, we think it could be a great way to get our name out there but we need to plan events, a channel and maybe built like an online schedule so people can start following us.
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Are you ready for hockey?
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What is your favourite game of all time?
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Figured this was worthy of its own thread after Sam and I were discussing it in another thread.

Do you have one? If so, what brand/model did you go with? Why did you choose what you did? How much did you pay?

I'm in the market, just in research mode right now. Looking to pull the trigger before fall when the Scorpio launches.
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source: cbc.ca


I loved his voice, he had like 4 different tones, too bad to lose another one. I was a big fan of his music and band.


RIP Chester
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Remember 25 years ago when the Super Nintendo was out on the market anyone from little to big could play video games. Do you think today the gaming industry isn't as flexbile as before where gaming (online not included) if dedicated for an older crowd? 

I remember playing Super Mario Wolrd on the super Nintendo at 4, didn't really get the concept before 6 or 7... what do you think is the right age to introduce videos games to our kids?
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After two years of tortuous pay down of debt, we finally made it through to the other side, and decided to upgrade our vehicles. So this.....

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Between work, community, parenting, sleeping, gaming, etc, etc how does your day break down? Of a 24 hour day mine roughly breaks down as follows:

33% of a 24 hour day in bed

27% working

23% focused on the kids (feeding & watering, getting them to school or just doing stuff)

17% "me" time where there's no kids

I'm curious to know how this compares to you folk.


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Wanted to hop in this thread and suggest the show The Crashing.

It won't be for everyone, but it's about a Christian-raised man who is trying to make it as a straight-edge comedian. He meets other comedians on the way and takes part in funny activities.

It really shows the struggles of coming up back in the industry. It's only eight episodes, but they're already filming season two.
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I need a 50 inch (max size)



120 refresh rate

Does it exist? 
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So what are peoples thoughts on VR will it go the way of Kinect or is it the future.  I am an oculus rift with touch controllers owner and love it but really find most games are still very demo like.   Resident evil drops and don't pulls an exclusive for a year?!?!  Stupid on a market that's just starting, should be trying to encourage, meanwhile oculus has been trying to close down its infustruture every chance they get.

With Project Scorpio on the horizon I'm super hopeful they will embrace the rift and vive along with msvr.   Otherwise I think this market will die if everybody tries to lock down exclusives.
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