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  1. lucwolfe

    Canada's Wonderland new ride in 2019

    i'm not planning to ride that, but the wife probably
  2. Well, I just poop my pants... a little first person shooter view....
  3. Hey @Fifty do you like those? I DIG IT!
  4. lucwolfe

    Hello from Haliburton, Ontario.

    Sam doesnt like to send invites... Right Sam?
  5. source: https://kotaku.com/ign-pulls-ex-editors-posts-after-dozens-more-plagiarism-1828357792 I saw the video that Filip posted after getting caught for plagiarism. he only apologizes to IGN, DEAD Cells creators but not the author of the review itself. That's kind of a swing and a miss
  6. lucwolfe

    Hello from Haliburton, Ontario.

    Hey Kellerstein welcome back to the gang. I'm not an original XCL member but we're trying to recreate the community. I'll add you once I jump back on my Xbox. The community might be a bit slow right now, althoughwe will be working to change that. Happy to have you with us
  7. lucwolfe

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    THis game is now at 67 different fighters excluding echo fighter. It has 103 stages which probably makes the biggest fighting game on the market. Here's the latest Nintendo Direct with the latest news on the game.
  8. “The media still coming in from the U.S. is enormous and, unfortunately, the pickup of bad news is tenfold that of good news,” said Toys ‘R’ Us Canada president Melanie Teed-Murch, who is embarking on a two-month coast-to-coast tour to promote the chain’s plans under the wing of new owner Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., which bought the 82-store retailer for $300 million in early June. (Bloomberg earlier this week reported that Fairfax and former Toys ‘R’ Us chief executive Jerry Storch are trying to reboot the U.S. chain.) source: https://business.financialpost.com/news/retail-marketing/toys-r-us-canada-wants-you-to-know-it-is-alive-and-well-and-not-going-anywhere-any-time-soon?cpc=true&source=facebook I think this is great news I think for us Canadians!
  9. lucwolfe

    Shadow of Tomb Raider Goes Gold

    i downloaded the previous game but haven't finished it yet, if I do get to it and enjoy I might jump on it! So it's not a no, but I got to finish the other game first.
  10. lucwolfe

    Division 2 Beta Sign Up (All REAL Gaming Systems)

    Same, Sam, same thing
  11. OUH!!!! I needed this video very much so!
  12. lucwolfe

    Facebook scam

    did you at least apply for the 90K grant first?
  13. lucwolfe

    Super Mario Party Game

    the one whrere u put two switch together and you decide the bridge to shoot with the tanks.
  14. Well we don't have all the information regarding the event that took away a 10-year old girl and an 18 year old woman. My sincere condolences to the Family. This is way to young to go. There's another 12 wounded victim which we hope for a speedy recovery although this day will mark them forever. I don't get violence in this world for stupidity. Prayers to the family of both victims.
  15. lucwolfe

    Super Mario Party Game

    I think some modes wont be available online though

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