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  1. I'll likely end up going to see this...
  2. I was looking at the game until it was a 4-0 and it was great to see a city cheering for their team. Winnipeg is a very small market and it must of been great to be there yesterday! Wishing them all the best! GO JETS GO!!!
  3. NHL 19

    that game needs a refreshing look.
  4. NHL 19

    is it going to be a new engine?
  5. Test your speeds through Google

    in case you didnt see Andrew speed @creeping judas
  6. Hello from NB!

    you're never quitting! Welcome Andrew I hope you enjoy the weirdness that we bring to the public! Hope to game with you also!
  7. Monitor over a TV

    I might be looking at the 32 inch model with 2 hdmi output but it will likely be connected in my receiver which means.... inifinite HDMI GALORE!!!
  8. Monitor over a TV

    I think i've found it!
  9. That's a cool looking 3rd party accessory!
  10. So I'm a Bit of PC Gamer Now?

    you can always get an xbox one adapter.... mind blown!
  11. Monitor over a TV

    Alright i'm not sure if i'll go with a tv in my basement or get a monitor. I'm looking for 27" and up 4k (3840 × 2160) Response time 1 to 5 refresh rate 120 HDR if that excist for monitors. Price: cheaper then a TV
  12. So I'm a Bit of PC Gamer Now?

    how do you like the transition?
  13. Pokemon screenshot leaked!

    to be fair I see nothing in here other than blurry pixels....
  14. please: do not post image of the accident for respect for the family. This is the worst nightmare to any parent, We wish them the best courage ahead and are deepest condolences
  15. Never cheering for Vancouver in the finals never again!