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  1. lucwolfe

    Has the gaming season just arrived

    time to get a SECOND TV!
  2. lucwolfe

    Super Mario Party Game

    My friend brought his copy at my party last night and its a fun fun game at 4, and i suppose people of the same age... I completely suck but that's nothing news. It was good time though, its a great title for an evening for 2 couples to have a little fun.
  3. lucwolfe

    Happy Birthday Sam!!

    Happy 48th Birthday my friend! Enjoy the time spent in MTL! We have to meet soon too!
  4. lucwolfe

    Super Mario Party Game

    Amazon is shipping it between the 10th and the 12th. Keep you posted!
  5. lucwolfe

    Happy Birthday Shad aka Fifty

    Happy Birthday Mr. Fifty
  6. lucwolfe

    Forza Horizon 4 Demo is Out Today!

    you're a thief judas!
  7. lucwolfe

    Super Mario Party Game

    Yeah! I got it for 72+ tax via amazon, I like having my games physical though.... Can't wait to play with the wife and friends, maybe the kids too
  8. lucwolfe

    list of games that arrived with Nintendo Switch Online

    No, you don't unless you play Mario Kart and Splatoon religiously.
  9. Hey ladies! Do you think the gaming season has arrived with upcoming titles, like Forza Horizon 4, Mario Party, Mega Man 11, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Battlefield V, etc. This could be huge for gaming communities like ours to take advantage of those games coming out. That's without counting Destiny 2, NHL 19 etc. Are you hyped to game again?
  10. NHL 19 isn't perfect but it's better than previous years. If you're looking for an authentic experience add me on Xbox live at Luc Wolfe
  11. lucwolfe

    Forza Horizon 4 Demo is Out Today!

    you lied it's not on shelves!
  12. lucwolfe

    list of games that arrived with Nintendo Switch Online

  13. lucwolfe

    Call me when September ends!

    boxing day maybe!
  14. lucwolfe

    Call me when September ends!

    One more week already and the month of September is gone. For the fall I'd love to get a few events of our own going. This is why we have our community but a lack of my part hasn't gone us very far. As of late, I've been working, I might be doing overtime but all is good, the oldest is now in her senior kindergarten and the 2 other in daycare. My wife just hit 30 so it's been a good month for her to get spoiled. I got a few game waiting to get my hands on in the fall Mario Party (fun times with the family and friends) Forza Horizon on the GamePass Super Smash is likely the one I can't wait due to the events I'll be having What are your plans in the fall and what games are the next to get downloaded or being added to your shelves?
  15. lucwolfe

    list of games that arrived with Nintendo Switch Online

    I hope they do add N64 games! that'd be neat!

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