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  1. lucwolfe

    We need to do something.... It's been 2 years

    No but we have key elements here that people oversee! @creeping judas @Fifty @The Outcast @X-Warlock @lucwolfe --------------Then we have ---------------- Microsoft Xbox Guys @creeping judas @Fifty (forza fan boy) @The Outcast @X-Warlock @lucwolfe @MartyB @Night Begins ( x#hardcoregamer) @AustinTessier (NHL Guy) @BrewGuy (i think he likes soda's) @NorrEastr (he's from the West) @noodle @Tywaz (forza fan boy) Sony PlayStation Crew @lucwolfe (doesn't get any more french than this) @rcb031 (he's weird!) @noodle (lipton good) @Qwazyd0gg (Our Biggest Youtuber on the community) Nintendo Switch Portable Friends @lucwolfe @noodle @jenwolfe @Qwazyd0gg @CaNERDian (Major gamer from the East Coast) @Kamakozzy45 (he's not Canadian but we'll take him) @MajorProblems @Manicus (weirdest guy from the French Province) @Mystike (Manicus' GF) Steam Big Rig @MaxKool @Mercury869 @TheRealShmadum @R4Z @R0MANI96
  2. lucwolfe

    Not a bad last 12hours pick up

    I got my pre order on friday? Did you get yours Marc?
  3. lucwolfe

    Tom Wilson goes back on the spotlight!

    that's harsh my friend!
  4. We're getting close to 2 years of being online and we still didn't have a gaming event... Kind of lame eh?
  5. lucwolfe

    Guacamelee! 2

    so many colours! Games looks great for a party game, not sure its the type of game i'd play alone though
  6. lucwolfe

    Not a bad last 12hours pick up

    lol i'm a noob too, I pre-ordered from walmart and will return the copy from my preorder with the receipt of today... due to CAnada post delays in Ottawa can take over 17 days
  7. We'll looks like my weekend just got busy!
  8. That's right folks the NHL will have a 32nd team located in the West to Balance it's conference of 16 teams per conference and moving arizona to the Central division (in hopes of moving them to houston?) What are your feelings about the expansion in the world of the NHL?
  9. lucwolfe

    PS+ Free Games For December

    they both suck!
  10. lucwolfe

    Anthem Closed Beta Sign Up

    Thank you Sammy!
  11. lucwolfe

    MLB The Show 17

    didnt you make this a few years back...
  12. lucwolfe

    MLB The Show 17

    Soccer is better
  13. lucwolfe

    Xbox Games With Gold December Offering

    BOOOO I hate this line up of games.... I might download them... HAHA

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