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  1. noodle

    Super Mario Party Game

    I’m considering it, think my son would enjoy. Worth it @lucwolfe ?
  2. Yes Luc. Super smash Bros is pre-ordered and I'll have Nintendo online by then, don't really need it right now.
  3. I owned half of those in my younger years. Outside of nostalgia can't say I'm overly excited to play them. Will sign up at some point for Nintendo switch online.
  4. Montreal could use a few of those for Bergevin. Didn't watch a single Habs game last year and will continue to not watch them until they have new management.
  5. noodle

    Pinball FX3

    If anyone is in to pinball, Pinball FX3 pulled a major coup and have obtained the rights to williams pinball library https://youtu.be/I8jF4Zff5jE Pinball Arcade previously held the rights but the game was getting a little stale and they weren't fixing bugs so I'm looking forward to seeing what Zen Studios will do. Also found a great place to play when I'm visiting western NY, Rochester Museum of Play:
  6. noodle


    When it ships
  7. noodle


    Pre-ordered during Wal-Mart's E3 promo for $50. Tried to preorder smash Bros and Metroid at that price and it said sold out. Now they are $59 to preorder but still a good price so put an order in for them as well.
  8. noodle

    6 month GamePass for $36

    I bought two yesterday and the codes were emailed today. Comes from codes2go.
  9. noodle

    6 month GamePass for $36

    BestBuy Gamepass sale
  10. noodle

    Mario Kart Deluxe


    Switch right? We chatting while playing?
  11. noodle

    Hello from NB!

    A little late but welcome. Lived in NB half my life but now in Ontario. Still get back a couple of times a year to visit family.
  12. noodle

    What format are you buying games in?

    I like digital for the convenience. I will still buy physical copies of games that retain their value, mostly Nintendo first party titles, in case I decide to trade them in.
  13. noodle

    Mario Kart Event

    When are you thinking?
  14. Fifty I picked up two refurbished TP-Link On Hubs from Newegg when they had them for $100 each, working well for me so far. They are older models but work with Google's wifi app to set up and didn't take very long. I haven't played with the app much but has options for blocking devices, scheduling wifi for devices and blocking sites, so this may become useful as my kids get a little older. I had looked at wifi extenders but I wanted easy and MESH seemed to be the way to go.
  15. noodle

    Are you getting "The Switch"?

    Picked up snipperclips for my son. Fun game, can be a little challenging for an 8 year old. Actually think it would we quite a bit of fun with 4 adults too.

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