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  1. noodle


    When it ships
  2. noodle


    Pre-ordered during Wal-Mart's E3 promo for $50. Tried to preorder smash Bros and Metroid at that price and it said sold out. Now they are $59 to preorder but still a good price so put an order in for them as well.
  3. noodle

    6 month GamePass for $36

    I bought two yesterday and the codes were emailed today. Comes from codes2go.
  4. noodle

    6 month GamePass for $36

    BestBuy Gamepass sale
  5. noodle

    Mario Kart Deluxe


    Switch right? We chatting while playing?
  6. noodle

    Hello from NB!

    A little late but welcome. Lived in NB half my life but now in Ontario. Still get back a couple of times a year to visit family.
  7. noodle

    What format are you buying games in?

    I like digital for the convenience. I will still buy physical copies of games that retain their value, mostly Nintendo first party titles, in case I decide to trade them in.
  8. noodle

    Mario Kart Event

    When are you thinking?
  9. Fifty I picked up two refurbished TP-Link On Hubs from Newegg when they had them for $100 each, working well for me so far. They are older models but work with Google's wifi app to set up and didn't take very long. I haven't played with the app much but has options for blocking devices, scheduling wifi for devices and blocking sites, so this may become useful as my kids get a little older. I had looked at wifi extenders but I wanted easy and MESH seemed to be the way to go.
  10. noodle

    Are you getting "The Switch"?

    Picked up snipperclips for my son. Fun game, can be a little challenging for an 8 year old. Actually think it would we quite a bit of fun with 4 adults too.
  11. noodle

    Xbox One Controllers for $45

    I ordered one and then got an email it was on backorder. Cancelled my order from the source and picked one up at Shoppers today for $60 but it's a 20X points day which is $15-20 worth of points. Brother is visiting this week and needed a second controller for some gaming.
  12. noodle

    for Switch owners

    Now I'm wondering if I should wait a few months to see if there is a sale and just get a second switch. I want a second set of joy cons and a dock so that's almost $200 buck already....
  13. noodle

    for Switch owners

    Nice, I was thinking about getting one for the basement.
  14. noodle


    I picked up halo 5 and haven’t opened it yet...need a gamer dad night.
  15. noodle

    Amazon Prime video games deals

    If you recently bought an Xbox one like me and haven't played Halo 5 I grabbed the last copy of the limited edition at my local source for $10. Out of stock online but some stores still have. https://www.thesource.ca/en-ca/deal-centre/clearance/halo-5%3A-guardians-for-xbox-one-limited-edition---english-only/p/108038066?URL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thesource.ca%2Fen-ca%2Fdeal-centre%2Fclearance%2Fhalo-5%3A-guardians-for-xbox-one-limited-edition---english-only%2Fp%2F108038066&aff=cj&utm_campaign=cj_affiliate_sale&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=cj&utm_content=749547&utm_term=10797598

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