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  1. Kamakozzy45

    Super Mario Party Game

    Like what?
  2. Kamakozzy45

    Super Mario Party Game

    Heck yeah I did!!
  3. Kamakozzy45


    Hello hello!!
  4. Kamakozzy45


    Hello World! looks like we have a two new Pokémon games coming to the switch! Actually we have one on it already! Pokémon Quest was just released and we Pokémon Let’s Go coming the end of this year.
  5. Kamakozzy45

    Hello, from America!

    @lucwolfe Ah! The music of my country!!
  6. Kamakozzy45

    Hello, from America!

    @creeping judas ....I swear I have it somewhere...
  7. Kamakozzy45

    Hello, from America!

    I’m finally on this site...!

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