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  1. Hello from NB!

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to pop in here and take a second to introduce myself. My name is Andrew and I am from a small town outside of Moncton, NB, Canada. I've been heavily involved in the technology industry for the last 15 years through various lines of work, personal hobbys, testing platforms, and YouTube. Aside from work and media creation, I love to play games in my spare time when I am not occupied with my wife and two daughters. Feel free to have a stop by my YouTube channel as well www.youtube.com/qwazyd0gg
  2. Test your speeds through Google

    Interesting. I wonder if it is running through the Google DNS servers and into their database in the states. When running the Google speed test, I am only getting slightly lower than 100mbps/100mbps; however, when I run the official speedtest via either my ISP provided website or speedtest.net I am getting ober 800mbps for download and upload (http://www.speedtest.net/result/7234867798). I know the more traditional speedtest sites connect you to the nearest connection point, so I am assuming that Googles is probably routing into the states.
  3. 4K HDMI splitter

    All the switches on the market to my knowledge are only 60hz. Finding a true 120hz TV is a rarity since most just utilize 60hz and internally double the frames in the display itself. For those panels that do actually display and accept a true 120hz signal, they normally only accept such a signal from a PC as home theater equipment are normally restricted to between 24-60p depending on the way your media is encoded. With the recent launch and announcement of Nvidia Gsync televisions, I hope to see more equipment outputing and adapting to high refresh rates.
  4. Recommendations for extending home wireless?

    I've been testing a variety of wifi routers and range extenders over the last couple of years. The main issue with an extender is you have a secondary point of connection causing a potential failure point for handoff and NAT related issues. Mesh systems aim to fix that by blanketing an entire household with overlapping connections rather than relying on creating multiple separate points of connectivity. I am testing the Linksys Velop mesh system at the moment and the results seem exceptionally promising. I should have a video about the system posted to the site sometime soon.
  5. Monitor over a TV

    The benefit of having multiple inputs rather than relying on a single input coming from an amp is you can tune separate profiles for each HDMI. As an examples, for most games you will want to enable some sort of digital or software based smoothing and you will more than likely want a more saturation heavy color profile. Having a monitor with at least dual inputs means you can set this profile for gaming, while leaving different profile for the 2nd input in a more color accurate fashion with less digital smoothing for media consumption or photography/videography work.