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  1. Qwazyd0gg

    Does HDR makes a difference?

    I find HDR can make a huge difference now that media is taking proper advantage of the technology as compared to it's earlier implementations. You tend to notice more detail in the darker scenes and less blow out in the lighter scenes. Both of these together lend a hand in providing a richer and fuller viewing experience for TV and gaming.
  2. Qwazyd0gg

    4K visual vs 60fps framerate

    That's a really tough question to answer... I think for me, 60FPS+ is king on PC. This helps tremendously for timing sensitive gaming and provides a smoother and fully experience. 60FPS+ tends to be more noticeable on PC due to how close you typically are to a PC monitor and because monitors are typically smaller than your average TV, you don't really see a huge bump in visuals between 4K and 1080P on the smaller scale. With that being said, I now game on my PS4 Pro on my newer 65" 4K HDR TV. I find a big difference in visual quality and lighting compared to my older 55" 1080p TV.
  3. Hey guys, I've been using this TV for the better part of the a month now and threw a video together as a sort of overview. Overall, I've been insanely impressed with this panel. You can snag it at Costco Canada for around $849; however, there has been reports of some locations clearing them out for around $699. If you find one in your area, jump on it! You won't find a better 65" 4K HDR panel that's as capable as this guy for the price anywhere else anytime soon.
  4. Well worth a look!
  5. Hey all, I recently tested a pretty affordable pair of active noise cancelling headphones and thought I would share the video I made about them. Let me know what you guys think and maybe if there are any other types of tech you may recommend I take a look into. Video:
  6. Qwazyd0gg

    Well this is poopy!

    I saw this today... She's a pretty interesting lady for sure, SMH.
  7. Qwazyd0gg

    What is everybody playing this weekend?

    I've both fortunately and unfortunately fallen back into Destiny 2 on PS4 since the last expansion dropped. Other than that I am lightly picking at the last few collectables in Farcry 5 on PS4 as well.
  8. Qwazyd0gg

    Man-Cave Renovation

    I've got my PS4 Pro I'm adding in, as well as my Nest Cam IQ. Other than that I'm considering some RGB lights if I can find some affordable ones, and maybe a new floor lamp. Other than that I would consider any other affordable tech that would make a noticable difference in my setup.
  9. Qwazyd0gg

    Man-Cave Renovation

    Hey guys, I am working on a project with a couple of companies to redo the entertainment portion of my office, and then hopefully the computer side sometime in the future. I have a new television and amplifier coming in and already have the 7.2 surround sound speakers from a previous project. I am looking to pick your brains to see if there is anything else I may be overlooking like RGB bulbs, smart or voice activated services, or other lesser inexpensive tech products that you may have in your entertainment rooms that you find useful. Thanks!
  10. Qwazyd0gg

    PS4 Pro. Worth the upgrade?

    I see a lot of value in my Pro to be honest. I traded my old launch console a while back when EB had a trade offer towards the PS4 Pro. So far I've just been using the extra processing power to play games in 1080/60 rather than 1080/30 on the regular ps4 consoles. I have a 4k/HDR tv coming in the mail and look forward to testing some games and media in 4k HDR.
  11. Qwazyd0gg

    Harmony 650 universal remote

    I had this remote for a number of years until it eventually died out and would not stay turned on, even with fresh batteries. Honestly I don't miss it much. It was cool to set one button to turn on all my equipment but for the most party now I just use my amp remote and tv remote again for power and use my Google Home to control almost everything else.
  12. Qwazyd0gg

    4K HDMI splitter

    It's less of a scam and more just use of choice wording. As an example, LG calls their fake 120hz "True Motion", which is an internally doubled 60hz signal emulating 120hz for smoother motion. This is why you tend to see light artifacting on these style displays as every second frame is simply the panel guessing what it thinks should be between the natural frames in order to smooth out its motion during fast scenes. Manufactures focus less on higher Hz ratings on televisions as home theatre equipment tends not to surpass 24p/60p for their broadcasting output as this is the rate in which tv and films are captured in. You will surely pay a premium for a display with natural 120hz internal processing, atleast until it becomes more of a standard thanks to higher end graphics cards and hopefully higher refresh rates on future gaming consoles.
  13. Qwazyd0gg

    Hello from NB!

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to pop in here and take a second to introduce myself. My name is Andrew and I am from a small town outside of Moncton, NB, Canada. I've been heavily involved in the technology industry for the last 15 years through various lines of work, personal hobbys, testing platforms, and YouTube. Aside from work and media creation, I love to play games in my spare time when I am not occupied with my wife and two daughters. Feel free to have a stop by my YouTube channel as well www.youtube.com/qwazyd0gg
  14. Qwazyd0gg

    Test your speeds through Google

    Interesting. I wonder if it is running through the Google DNS servers and into their database in the states. When running the Google speed test, I am only getting slightly lower than 100mbps/100mbps; however, when I run the official speedtest via either my ISP provided website or speedtest.net I am getting ober 800mbps for download and upload (http://www.speedtest.net/result/7234867798). I know the more traditional speedtest sites connect you to the nearest connection point, so I am assuming that Googles is probably routing into the states.
  15. Qwazyd0gg

    4K HDMI splitter

    All the switches on the market to my knowledge are only 60hz. Finding a true 120hz TV is a rarity since most just utilize 60hz and internally double the frames in the display itself. For those panels that do actually display and accept a true 120hz signal, they normally only accept such a signal from a PC as home theater equipment are normally restricted to between 24-60p depending on the way your media is encoded. With the recent launch and announcement of Nvidia Gsync televisions, I hope to see more equipment outputing and adapting to high refresh rates.

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