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  1. rcb031

    Xbox All Access Announced in the States

    I calculated it. turns out to be $527 for 2 years. Console is $299 at best buy, so another $227 for 2 years of gold and gamepass (what ever the hell that gets you). Is that actually worth it?
  2. rcb031

    Hot Hot Hot in Ottawa

    it got up to 48 on Canada Day with the humidity. I miss the snow
  3. IF I remember correctly, she was supposed to be in studio the day she died. I now actually understand what is being said in that song though. I crank it up every time I hear the Bad Wolves version
  4. rcb031

    My SENS

    he did? Must have missed those games
  5. rcb031

    My SENS

    and out shot 50-20. Goalies and Mark Stone were the only ones who showed up
  6. rcb031

    My SENS

    Hey! Remember all those times you told me that Burrows was a good acquisition? And I kept saying it was a useless trade that wasted a high end prospect?
  7. rcb031

    Xbox One X Are You Getting One?

    I'll get one if I win one
  8. rcb031

    What is your favourite game of all time?

    I didn't play a lot of video games growing up. It wasn't until the ps2 was a couple of years old before I really started to game. I was always really into hockey games though, I'd have to say that NHLPA Hockey was my favourite. Unlimited fighting and that was back when EA knew how to make a good hockey game. For the newer consoles I'd say that the Gears Of War series is my all time favourite
  9. rcb031

    4K HDMI splitter

    I know when we did Zibanejad's house he had all 4k tv's but nothing was displaying as 4k only because the splitters couldn't handle it. But he was in his house for 10 days before getting traded
  10. rcb031

    I'm going to be rich

    This sounds 100% legit! I'll let you know how my transaction with the prince of Nigeria goes
  11. oh the opportunities...
  12. rcb031

    Hi folks!

    no one admits that

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