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  1. CaNERDian


    Man, that did take a weird turn rather quickly. @creeping judas, yes I play every console. I just tend to talk about and enjoy Nintendo stuff more.
  2. CaNERDian


    Hey fellas. I always love a good BBQ. Can I wear a kilt with my formal straight jacket? If my arms are pinned, I at least want to enjoy a nice breeze.
  3. CaNERDian


    Hi everyone! My name is Mark, aka The CaNERDian. I run a Nintendo podcast called The Warp Whistle Podcast, as well as a Daily video series called Warp Whistle Daily, as well as other reviews and video content on www.warpwhistlegaming.com I also belong to a patreon group of content creators called Make Us Better. I’m pumped to get to know people here and jump in to this community!

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