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  1. creeping judas

    Bit The Bullet and Bought a Switch!!

    It appears the kids and the wife are playing it more than I am. Connor plays Mario and Mae is over the moon at being able to play Zelda. Last night as I was grinding Destiny 2, so I can hit level 300 power so I can do strikes and missions with Connor, the wife was playing Zelda on the couch. So that's cool.
  2. creeping judas

    Bit The Bullet and Bought a Switch!!

    Send all friend invites to "CreepingJ". It's not bad, a little underwhelming after playing on the X1X! The only concern is that for a console geared towards children mainly, there are a lot breakable parts on this console! I can see the docking station breaking at some point!
  3. creeping judas

    Forza Horizon 4 Demo is Out Today!

  4. creeping judas

    Forza Horizon 4 Demo is Out Today!

    Finally got some time to play it last night. Yes there are two modes for those with a Xbox One X and a 4K tv. Performance, has a slight drop in visuals but gets you 60fps game play which makes the game pure gold! In the visual mode, you get full 4K support, but the frames drop to 30fps. I personally prefer the performance version of the game, due to the buttery smooth 60fps gameplay. Want to see how much of a difference 30fps vs 60fps is? Then play for a half hour at 60fps, change the mode to 30fps, and you can definitely see the difference in the two frame rates.
  5. creeping judas

    Forza Horizon 4 Demo is Out Today!

    For anyone interested the demo for Forza Horizon 4 is available on the store as of today!!
  6. creeping judas

    Is it just me or...

    I bought an Xbox One X to play games on the best graphics a console can give. So quite often I will play a game from the past and get disappointed with it due to the graphics and outdated physics engines. That being said, Rage was a huge surprise for me, and I actually enjoyed the game.
  7. creeping judas


    Ignore Dean as well, he will steal your beer when you are not looking!!
  8. creeping judas

    Roasted Garlic Rosemary Buns

  9. creeping judas


    Don't mind Frenchie, English is not his strong suit!! Welcome to the zoo, please keep your hands inside the ride at all times!!
  10. creeping judas

    Xbox All Access Announced in the States

    If the Xbox goes on a development cycle very much like cell phones, then yes it might be worth it then?
  11. creeping judas

    Xbox All Access Announced in the States

    Look at the moderation history, nothing there my French friend!!!
  12. creeping judas

    Are you getting Spider man?

    Nope need a PS4 for that. Sold mine a year or so ago!!
  13. creeping judas

    Xbox All Access Announced in the States

    Hence the title? Tabarnak!!
  14. Without turning this into a political issue, I have to say that this is very sad, and unfortunately is what one can expect from Trump's America. For what ever it's worth, my sympathies go to the family and friends of the deceased!
  15. creeping judas

    Xbox All Access Announced in the States

    Xbox All Access Story So would you pay $30 to $40 a month for two years, to have the latest console from Xbox? But wait! There's more, that price includes Game Pass and Xbox Gold in it!! It is almost sounding like a cell phone service to me, which could be a good selling point. Just think about it, if MS was to do a console refresh with better graphics and more power every two years, then you wouldn't be shelling out the big bucks every year, but paying it in small installment payments? It might not be a bad idea?

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