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  2. creeping judas

    looking for headset

    Still recommend these Luc? Mine finally busted beyond repair, so I am shopping around for a good headset!
  3. creeping judas

    Very sad day

    Yes putting down a pet is very hard, you know you're doing the right thing for them so they don't have to suffer any more, but at the same time you are the one making that decision. We had to put down Fergie about 10yrs or so ago, and it was a very difficult decision to make. Now Darby is over 10yrs old and we see her slowing down, and we know we only have a few more years with her. The pictures are of Fergie.
  4. creeping judas

    How are things with you?

    Been hot and dry, here as well. Probably the same as where you are since not that far from you. Been spending a lot of time in the back yard and new pool. And then playing The Crew 2 at nights before bed. The Crew 2 is the newest thing I've bought since Ghost Recon came out.
  5. creeping judas

    IMG_6617 (Large).jpg

    That's Trump beer!! Support your local brewery instead!!
  6. creeping judas

    Crew 2?

    Yes but on the Xbox!!
  7. creeping judas

    Hot Hot Hot in Ottawa

    Another 35c day out here!!
  8. creeping judas

    Fuck EA!

    I had a lot of fun with the game on the Xbox One X? Had no issues with game play, just wish the progression was self progressed and not up to loot boxes!
  9. creeping judas

    Ghost of Tsushima ruined my pants

    I have to say it was one of the most impressive games I saw from E3 this year! Maybe worthy of buying another PS4 just to play it?
  10. creeping judas


    These things are such a god send, especially at this stage of my life!!
  11. creeping judas


    Welcome to the Zoo. Thank's for your mention of the place on one of your v-casts (Don't know if that is what it was, Frenchie aka LucWolfe called it that)! Do you game exclusively on Nintendo products, or do you have other consoles as well?
  12. creeping judas

    E3 2018 is here! Let's discuss all the gaming news.

    Finally got around to watching some E3 trailers and game play footage Ghost of Tsushima was fantastic!! Actually makes me want to spend the money on PS4 Pro when it comes out. Division 2 - Looked pretty damn sweet!! Death Stranding - Looked pretty fucked up!! Not sure about this game? Other than it is from the creator of one of my favorite games series of all time Silent Hill.
  13. creeping judas


    Nice to see you around Mik!!
  14. creeping judas

    I am awesome.

    Welcome back Brew!!
  15. creeping judas

    What, Who won at E3?

    I find myself more and more distanced from the sales and marketing part of the video game business. This was the first year, I didn't have a Twitter feed on for announcements, and found myself just as satisfied watching edited briefings from the developers. So I don't really see a winner, other than gamers. And usually the winner is the console that you prefer the most!

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