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  1. Speaking of horror movies and real life horror themes, have you listened to Skynd?
  2. creeping judas

    What did Santa gave you?

    Elastic waist for the win!!! Love my stretchy work pants!! And Kirby, guess what's next? Slip on work shoes, cause nobody's got the time in the morning to lace up their work shoes!! Or it tales too much effort to tie the laces!!
  3. creeping judas

    We need to do something.... It's been 2 years

    MMMM Donair!!! I cant wait until the spring, there is a real life Haligonian who runs a chip truck called The Shed in Petawawa where I run one of my two new branches. And they do authentic east coast Donairs, get all supplies from out east!! Can't wait!!
  4. creeping judas

    2018 Boozy Advent Calendar

    How does tree taste like?
  5. creeping judas

    Beta tester

    With Xbox Insider app, you get invites to certain beta's, which kind of fun for just downloading an app.
  6. creeping judas

    We need to do something.... It's been 2 years

    Hard to with very little activity in these forums!!
  7. creeping judas

    Ashen on the Xbox One

    This is available with the Game Pass currently on the Xbox One. I've played it, and I have to say the art direction in this game is one of the best I've seen in a while, and totally different then anything else I've seen before. The gameplay will be familiar to those who play action RPG's, and the story line is inventive. I highly suggest you go out and give it a try!!
  8. creeping judas

    Free Fortnite, and Purchased Fortnite, What is the Difference?

    Thanks Shad, I was mainly wondering if it had more content then the F2P one. And Connor does pay from his allowance for the battle pass each time it comes out. I haven't really played it as I am not that good with the battle arena games!
  9. creeping judas

    Anthem Closed Beta Sign Up

    Want to be a part of the closed beta? Then head on over to EA to sign up!! Closed Beta Sign Up
  10. creeping judas

    PS+ Free Games For December

    Soma (PlayStation 4) Onrush (PlayStation 4) Steredenn (PlayStation 3) Steins;Gate (PlayStation 3) Iconoclasts (PlayStation Vita, Cross Buy with PS4) Papers, Please (PlayStation Vita) Is it better then the Xbox Games with Gold for December?
  11. creeping judas

    Xbox Games With Gold December Offering

    December’s Games with Gold are: Xbox One Q.U.B.E. 2 (December 1-31) Never Alone (December 16-January 15) Xbox 360 (compatible with Xbox One) Dragon Age II (December 1-15) Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction (December 16-31) While not the greatest offering ever, Never Alone is quite the amazing platformer. It is the first game developed from an Inuit tale that has been passed on for generations of the Inuit. And I remember Mercenaries being an addictive open world game with tons of destruction!!
  12. Currently my son is playing the F2P version, but what is the difference with the disc based version that you buy retail?
  13. creeping judas

    Are you getting Spider man?

    Still wont be getting it!!!
  14. So I am a metal head for the most part, and Volbeat is just Danish Nickelback in my opinion!! But that being said, I am also a visual person, so when something different is shown to me, I like it. And this video for sure is one of them. and the damn song is f**king catchy as well!!

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