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  1. What is wired to the PC? I don't have anything wired to a PC and I have a XBOX and had a PS4?
  2. Why what a good question Sam! Here is some information about your query that I was able to find online.
  3. How is the controller going to connect to the TV, then to game, etc? I think I have a Google operated TV operating system, I have a 2016 LG TV?
  4. Minimum speeds recommended is 25mbs and up. So some of us rural folks, we will be left in the cold!! But this to me is very similar to Xbox Play Anywhere or what ever it is being called, Google just beat them to the market!
  5. Well I guess we will see tomorrow, I think if anyone can pull it off it would be Google.
  6. Don"t mess with an angry plumber with a Twitter account Nintendo Canada!!!!
  7. I haven't watched the 2nd one as of yet, but from the first one, I am pretty convinced that the wrong person is in jail.
  8. I actually brought mine in to work last Saturday, and had a blast playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  9. I'll show you in game, back in the day, it was all the rage!!! We had laughs over it!!!
  10. Get it!!! And I'll teach all about team killing!!!
  11. Because of my poor internet connection, I don't game online that much, so for me SP experiences will always trump MP experience. It's bad enough to listen to my son yell at his TV about "Stupid LAG!!!", that we don't need me to add to that too much. Plus friends can see noticeable issues with me when playing with them online. That being said, I loved RDR2's single player part. I thought it was fantastic.
  12. Loved the first one, ordered the premium edition myself!
  13. Whose playing? I got the standard edition, and aside from a few quirks, I am truly enjoying the game?
  14. creeping judas

    Who am I?

    I've just never had the knack for reviewing games, movies, music and anything else. Back in the day I did a comprehensive review of Gran Turismo 5, for Kirby Y's then review site called Gamer Boyz (I think that was it). And I found it difficult to get all of my thoughts down into comprehensive and grammatically correct way. I also struggled with just wanting to play the game, and not thing about the game. Maybe it's just that English is not my first language, or I just suck at English, but either way I didn't get asked to do more reviews, which was ok by me. I am glad there are people out there such as yourself you have a passion for reviews, so I can get educated on these products, ie. your tv review on TCL TV's. Now I know what I will replace my next TV with. Cheers and thank you for all the input!
  15. I think the demo I played was ok, just with Division 2 coming out so shortly after it, I decided not to get the game. But I think a lot of the hate comes from the fact that it is an EA game, and that is automatically reducing the scores by a lot. So the major players, gave it a bad score right off the bat. The minor players, played the game for what it actually is, and gave the game a score it deserved.
  16. Were going to believe a Twitter source from Doctor Cupcakes? Although I have read, that Xbox wants Xbox Game Pass and the upcoming XCloud on as many systems as possible.
  17. One thing I've enjoyed about private and public beta's is that it gives me a feel for the game. Making the buying decision that much easier when the game launches!
  18. HHHMMM? I have not even really thought about Apex as I am not a fan of Battle Royale games, mainly because I suck!! Maybe I will have to give this one a quick spin?
  19. Id be happy to have your upload speed as my download speed!!!!
  20. I do definitely want to give this one a spin at some point!
  21. I am definitely having a blast playing the game. I did start on the standard level of difficulty and I do find sometimes it gets to be quite hectic, and you get over whelmed by a constant flow of bad guys coming at you! Had to tone down the camera speed somewhat, as on it's original setting the game was way too fast for me!
  22. If so, has it gotten any better since the Beta?

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