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  1. What format are you buying games in?

    The real question here is how can we all benefit from your 20% discount? I didn't even realize the Switch had a mini SD card slot for expansion until the other day when I was researching game file download sizes.
  2. A way out

    I'd play it. Online and/or split screen co-op? Yup. Reminds me a bit of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. That had some of the most unique co-op game play elements I've seen to this day. Being able to use your own voice as a tool in the game was awesome. Need to distract someone to let your partner have a clear line somewhere? So cool. Having to whisper to not alert guards? Amazing. Unfortunately the online coop didn't work perfectly smoothly but that was groundbreaking stuff. As long as this doesn't go Army of Two with a bunch of canned co-op events it could be really good.
  3. The XCL Project

    That's awesome man, thanks!
  4. XCLE 2004

    The first Expo. Spawned by BradofCanada coming out to BC for a visit. We thought it a good opportunity to get everyone together for a few games and a lot of debauchery.
  5. XCL Memories

    Random pictures from our genesis Xbox Canadian Live. Est. 2003.
  6. The XCL Project

    Something I've wanted to do for a long time is collect and preserve all of the XCL memories that are floating around various parts of the internet Into a single place. There'll be a link in the top menu bar soon but for the time being you can find it at the link below. The XCL Project I'll be adding as much as I can in the days to come. If you've got photos to share, let me know.
  7. XCLE 2006

    Expo 2006 was held in Edmonton and organized by NinjaRay.
  8. XCLE 2005

    Expo 2005 in Toronto, ON.
  9. What Happened To The Division

    Got any tips for (don't laugh) a level 15 newbie?
  10. What Happened To The Division

    According from what I seen on MS' official XB1X Enhanced list and what's in various forums, yes. Its just a matter of when. This game is apparently picking up a lot of steam again. I'm not a big PvP guy though so my concern with delving too much into it again is that I've read that a lot of the single player stuff just leads up to the PvP stuff.
  11. Anyone use a standing desk?

    I've had a bit of stiff back the last few days and have been working standing at our dining room table instead of sitting hunched over my desk. Its got me thinking about a sit/stand desk. Anyone use one? What do you think? Does it work or is it more of a novelty?
  12. Shadow of the Colossus?

    I see the remake is getting really good reviews. Metacritic currently has it at 93. I never played the first. For $50, worth a play through?
  13. Chicken Wings

    Dude, those look incredible but I gotta ask, is that really a bacon-skinned controller?
  14. What Happened To The Division

    I've seen a lot of renewed positive talk about the things they've done to this game in recent months so I dusted it off the other night. I still love the tactical, cover-based approach to the game. Sam, I suffer from the same issue as you mention (lower level bad guys kicking my ass). Typically I don't dig into buying things from vendors and crafting in games like this but I think it might the type of thing that is required to get past some of those bad guys. Did you try that at all Sam? This game will be incredible with the 4K/HDR update. Its on the list but there's no real time frames out there that say then that update is coming.
  15. Thanks gents! Looks like I've got some reading and research to do!