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  1. Fifty

    PS4 Pro. Worth the upgrade?

    With God of War coming (and getting incredible reviews), I've been considering whether or not the upgrade from a regular PS4 to a Pro is really worth it. Any Pro owners out there that can comment one way or another?
  2. Fifty

    Sports Game of all time?

    NHL 98 stands out for me. It was the first NHL game I remember that featured full colour commentary during game play. That blew me away. The game played really well too from what I remember. There's also this beauty from my Commodore 64 days.
  3. When my team isn't in the playoffs I cheer for overtime. There's nothing better. And its far easier and more entertaining to watch when you've got no emotional investment! I generally don't pick another team to follow either. I don't buy into the whole Canada's team thing either. Its horse shit. Never have but 2011 cemented that for me. Usually a story or team ends up presenting itself during the playoffs that I take interest in. Willie Mitchell (a favourite of mine) getting a Cup with the Kings is one example.
  4. Fifty

    Burnout Paradise Remastered

    Loved the original. Spent over 80 hours to get 100% in it. The co-op challenges were a terrific idea.
  5. Fifty

    Far Cry 5 What Are Your Thoughts So Far?

    I'm only an hour or so in but my first impressions are fantastic. I'm playing on the XB1X and the game looks stunning, right up there against Ghost Recon and Tomb Raider for what I think are the best looking 4K/HDR games so far. I'm sure I'll discover some new mechanics but the formula looks pretty similar as the last game. That's okay with me. Love the cult/prepper plot so far.
  6. Fifty

    Xbox Game Pass and Math

    I will likely cancel my EA pass and go with the Game Pass closer to the release date of some of those titles I would be purchasing anyways. Its too bad some of the recently X enhanced games like the original Crackdown aren't included yet.
  7. Fifty

    What Happened To The Division

    So it looks like we're getting the Xbox X enhancements in April. This was mentioned while announcing they're doing a Division 2 that will be shown at E3. Via Kotaku.com
  8. Fifty

    13 to 100.... Do you feel unlucky?

    With my skill level there is no such thing as luck. Everyone else is just way better.
  9. Fifty

    Those were the days

    Playing down the block at a friend's house and hearing your parents call you for dinner.
  10. Fifty

    Sea of Thieves Beta Thoughts

    Damn, this is disappointing to hear. I was impressed by what they showed at E3 last year but I've heard others who've played the beta say that its better with friends. How much of your disappointment was based on not knowing what to do in the game compared to some pube cutting you into bits repeatedly?
  11. Fifty

    looking for headset

    Seconding Sam's comment about build quality of Turtle Beach stuff. I've had multiple pairs and multiple occurrences of the very same thing in the same location as he shows. Headphones are funny because everyone has a different interpretation of how things sound in their own head. Not being able to test drive headphones makes choosing the right ones even harder. If you can do it, try buying from a place that has a good return policy (Best Buy comes to mind). If you get some that you just don't like you've got an out. Another thing to think about is closed vs open backed headphones. My TB's were closed. My A40's (I don't mind the wired and believe wired doesn't compromise sound quality like wireless) are open. The soundscape is fantastic. For the record, I purchased the Dolby Atmos licence for headphones. Really happy with it. Not 100% if its available on the S though?
  12. Fifty

    What format are you buying games in?

    The real question here is how can we all benefit from your 20% discount? I didn't even realize the Switch had a mini SD card slot for expansion until the other day when I was researching game file download sizes.
  13. Fifty

    A way out

    I'd play it. Online and/or split screen co-op? Yup. Reminds me a bit of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. That had some of the most unique co-op game play elements I've seen to this day. Being able to use your own voice as a tool in the game was awesome. Need to distract someone to let your partner have a clear line somewhere? So cool. Having to whisper to not alert guards? Amazing. Unfortunately the online coop didn't work perfectly smoothly but that was groundbreaking stuff. As long as this doesn't go Army of Two with a bunch of canned co-op events it could be really good.
  14. Fifty

    The XCL Project

    That's awesome man, thanks!
  15. Fifty

    XCLE 2004

    The first Expo. Spawned by BradofCanada coming out to BC for a visit. We thought it a good opportunity to get everyone together for a few games and a lot of debauchery.

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