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    New Port: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

    As much as I love Nintendo and Mario, if there is one thing that bothers me about them is that they are masters at repackaging games and hardware with new names at full prices. 3DS, 3DS XL, "New" 3DS XL. Same thing with games like this. After playing AstroBot Rescue Missions I want Mario in VR!
  2. Not a song in particular but lately I've been listening to a ton of Gary Cherone. Yes, that Gary Cherone. Crazy good singer.
  3. The only think you pay for are cosmetic differences for your character. Anything you pay for does not impact how the game it played or give you any advantage. For example, you can buy skin packs, different gliders, emotes and axes (used to mine resources). The game is also broken up into seasons which are about 90 days long. For $13 or so you can purchase a battle pass that earns you greater rewards for earning XP and completing specific in-game challenges. It is a prestige thing. I've been playing Fortnite more and more with Sam. There are plenty of game modes these days. It is not just the last man standing mode from the original. We enjoy playing the team modes which include respawns and you don't lose your equipment. The building part still seems to be beyond my ability though. It's fun!
  4. Fifty

    Has the gaming season just arrived

    As much as the fall game releases signify gaming season, in our household so does the start of The Voice! And whenever Janice finds a show that she needs to binge watch...
  5. Fifty

    Forza Horizon 4 Demo is Out Today!

    As smooth as that Performance mode it, in a game like this I prefer the extra resolution and detail of the quality mode. I felt a little ripped off buying the ultimate edition of FH3 and not getting the two expansions as part of that package. It looks like the two planned expansions are included in the price this time though. Makes me thing about getting it.
  6. Fifty

    Forza Horizon 4 Demo is Out Today!

    Sweet, I'm going to try Performance mode tonight. Still HDR in performance mode?
  7. Fifty

    IGN Editor caught for plagiarism

    I put significant money on the fact plagiarism is like an iceberg. I bet we see less than 5-10% of how much is really going on. When I was doing the COG thing we had several instances of plagiarism, both with our writers and people ripping us off. When it was one of our own doing it they were immediately let go. Even if the site that was plagiarized wasn't aware they would be sent a note explaining what we'd found and the action we took. That was always received welcomely. Getting offending sites to remove content was much more difficult. it takes zero credentials to create a "reviews" site. We were proof of that (well me more so that @The Outcast...). Too often, actual journalism takes a back seat to revenue generation through clicks. Unless you're absolutely thorough with the content you create you'll get torn apart by today's gaming culture. You need to commit dozens and dozens of hours towards playing a review game. Not that IGN is a hobby-ist site but I'm sure the pressure of committing enough time to properly review a game would have many sites "looking" for material.
  8. Fifty

    Shadow of Tomb Raider Goes Gold

    I loved both previous games so much I played them through to 100% completion. This one I think I'm going to take a pass on for now. I've got my eyes set on FH4 and Destiny 2's been taking up what gaming time I have lately.
  9. Fifty

    Forza Horizon 4 Demo is Out Today!

    Have you played it yet? I gave it a quick spin this afternoon. Looks terrific in Quality visual mode. Haven't tried Performance mode just yet. I do like the new dash cam that gets rid of the steering wheel but I still prefer the hood view. I just get a better sense of speed from the hood camera for some reason. Definite day 1 purchase. Doubt I will plop the $130 for the Ultimate edition this time. Probably just the standard.
  10. Fifty

    Shad is gonna be a happy guy!

    Anything is an improvement over the Orca logo. Vancouver logos don't have to always be indigenous and the fact is the Orca was a corporate symbol for the ownership group at the time way back in the 90's (Orca Bay Entertainment). With the exception of maybe the New England Patriots the most popular and best logos in sports are relatively simple and have stayed somewhat consistent with maybe some subtle stylized changes here and there (the Leafs' logo, for example). If it were my choice I would use the restyled stick-in-rink logo jersey that Vancouver has recently used as their third. The colours look amazing on tv and there's brand consistency there. Make a white version for away games and then use the skate logo jersey or even the V as thirds. Just lose the fucking Orca.
  11. Fifty

    Is it just me or...

    ...does going back and playing nostalgic games again always feel underwhelming? Example. I love Halo. I bought the MC Collection and played through 1 & 2 before getting tired of it. Tried it again now that its on Game Pass and was back to playing Destiny in less than an hour. Too much been there, done that feeling for me. I want to play new experiences. Anyone feel the same way?
  12. Fifty

    What is your favourite console?

    95% of the time I play on my XB1X. For me its a combination of the features the X offers, the controller, online implementation and its where I've built the most of my online relationships. Not that I don't enjoy the other consoles. Own them all. I've always had a distaste for the Playstation controllers but I have to say the PS4 controller was a major improvement.
  13. Fifty


    @Tywaz did you end up getting this? What did you think? I immediately thought of how much I used to kick your ass in Split Second when I first saw this one. (I never did)
  14. Fifty

    Sports Game of all time?

    It was loosely based on an old movie called Rollerball (look up the James Caan version, not the remake). It even had motorbikes! Rocketball the game had the best clothesline move ever.
  15. Fifty

    Division 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer

    I'm still playing the Division. I find it extremely difficult. I'm level 23, not even through the main campaign yet, and I see these other players in safe zones with levels over 200! I've played this game with friends precisely once. With Brewguy. It was awesome. Why restart Sam?
  16. Fifty

    What, Who won at E3?

    Agreed. I am not a fan at all of the lines the gaming community seemingly has to draw in the sand.
  17. Fifty

    The Crew 2 Beta Registration Is Up

    I tried it (albeit quickly) and was rather underwhelmed, too.
  18. Fifty

    Games coming shortly on the switch!

    Surprisingly, my son Sam isn't all that interested in playing either Fortnite or Minecraft on the Switch. I thought he was going to be for sure but he's still so wrapped up in Zelda. I would really love to see a Mario Golf again.
  19. Fifty

    PS4 Pro. Worth the upgrade?

    With God of War coming (and getting incredible reviews), I've been considering whether or not the upgrade from a regular PS4 to a Pro is really worth it. Any Pro owners out there that can comment one way or another?
  20. Anyone have any product recommendations for extending my wireless range throughout my house? My office and gaming area is upstairs a long ways from our router. Wireless performance upstairs is probably 20% of what it is downstairs.
  21. Fifty

    Sports Game of all time?

    NHL 98 stands out for me. It was the first NHL game I remember that featured full colour commentary during game play. That blew me away. The game played really well too from what I remember. There's also this beauty from my Commodore 64 days.
  22. When my team isn't in the playoffs I cheer for overtime. There's nothing better. And its far easier and more entertaining to watch when you've got no emotional investment! I generally don't pick another team to follow either. I don't buy into the whole Canada's team thing either. Its horse shit. Never have but 2011 cemented that for me. Usually a story or team ends up presenting itself during the playoffs that I take interest in. Willie Mitchell (a favourite of mine) getting a Cup with the Kings is one example.
  23. Fifty

    Burnout Paradise Remastered

    Loved the original. Spent over 80 hours to get 100% in it. The co-op challenges were a terrific idea.
  24. Fifty

    Far Cry 5 What Are Your Thoughts So Far?

    I'm only an hour or so in but my first impressions are fantastic. I'm playing on the XB1X and the game looks stunning, right up there against Ghost Recon and Tomb Raider for what I think are the best looking 4K/HDR games so far. I'm sure I'll discover some new mechanics but the formula looks pretty similar as the last game. That's okay with me. Love the cult/prepper plot so far.
  25. I'm generally a person that likes games on physical media. It makes me feel like I've got a bit of equity in it in case I ever feel like trading the game in. The portability and the size of the game cards for the Switch has me leaning more to digital for it. Less things to manage when we travel and less risk of losing game cards. Curious to know what you guys prefer?

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