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  1. Doyle256

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Agreed, that does seem like a rather low percentage. It might have something to do with the type of game. It really is a huge game and could scare some people off. What are some of the online multiplayer games doing like Call of Duty? Are younger players more willing to put out the money for the online and shorter types of games where the older demographic might like something like HZD that would take more time and patience? Personally I tend to shy away from the multiplayer games as I just end up getting my butt kicked or being cursed at by 10 year olds. Would rather just play a game at my own pace and enjoy it.
  2. Doyle256

    Castl Rock on Hulu?

    It works pretty good on my Android tablet but it crashes the tablet if I try to stream to Chromecast. Been looking at creating a Raspberry Pi box and running Kodi off of that and connect it directly into the TV. I have it working on my W10 tablet and it is ok. Definitely better running off the Android tablet than anything else.
  3. Doyle256

    Castl Rock on Hulu?

    Kodi is much better. Though if I could get my tablet to stream to the Chromcast without crashing I would be much happier.
  4. Doyle256

    Reviews on games/products.

    I wouldn't be interested in it for some of the same reasons listed above. I just don't have the time to sit and analyze a game while I am playing it. I also really don't normally have the time to put into playing the games as much as they deserve for a review. Too many RL issues come up and I just feel like I would only really be able to scratch the surface of the game. I have my standards that I play. A couple sports games here and there or games with missions so that I can play a game or two or a mission or two after the kid goes to bed. I don't mind reviewing games that I happen to be playing if I can put enough time into it, but that would be rare. The only reason I have so much time into HZD is because my wife and I are both off on holidays this week. I just feel that by the time I get around to finishing enough of the game to be able t write the review the sequel would be out.
  5. Doyle256

    Fast Food not Fast Enough?

    I totally agree, they don't give two fucks about the customer, its about saving money. If they could get a robot to make the coffee too they would.
  6. Doyle256

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I broke down and bought this game. It really should come with a support group because I am totally addicted. Sawtooths get easier as you level up and get traps and better equipment.
  7. Doyle256

    External drive support

    Love it. Hooked up a 1tb drive and no more storage issues!
  8. Doyle256

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    This game looks amazing. I just started going through Skyrim and Witcher 3. By the time I am done with those I will pick this one up.
  9. Doyle256


  10. Doyle256

    Are you getting "The Switch"?

    I like the idea of the switch, but my thought is that once it is set up I will never see it again. Will probably find it in the kid's room all the time or in his backpack. I am still a little shocked at how quickly the WiiU got replaced so I will have to wait and see. Its a great concept that I think Sony missed the boat on with the PS4 and the Vita, being able to play your PS4 games on a portable system. I am also wondering if its not that Sony missed the boat, but that Sony couldn't actually get it to work in real life. There are so many great systems that didn't seem to live up to their potential like the PSP Go (that I still use once in a while) that seemed to lack decent games.

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