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  1. BBQ Bacon

    Very sad day

    Yesterday we put our dog Shadow to sleep. She was almost 16 years old and was struggling with bad eyesight, teeth and hearing. She was also having issues with her hips which contributed to the increase in accidents in the house. Growing up in a rural setting we've had pets that have died, but this is the first time I've ever had to make such a decision. It was hard and I miss her greatly. I miss the clicking of her toenails on the hardwood. I miss her barking in her sleep and I miss seeing her sleeping in her bed. Goodbye Shadow you will be missed.
  2. BBQ Bacon


    The commute would be killer!
  3. BBQ Bacon

    Hot Hot Hot in Ottawa

    Last week dad put a thermometer against his shops south facing wall and it hit 55 celcius. INSANE!
  4. BBQ Bacon

    How are things with you?

    Been crazy hot here as well. Mid 30s and thankfully the 7 day forecast shows highs of just 30 by the end of the week! I'm out watering the newly planted trees and shrubs daily to help them get through this period. Once they are established it will be fine, but damn.. At least the AC is working and it's nice inside, so the weekends are spent in the morning working outside, then the afternoons in the house staying cool.
  5. BBQ Bacon

    Hot Hot Hot in Ottawa

    Cloudy this morning and it did rain...don't think it wet the entire concrete around the firepit. Hopefully more is coming.
  6. BBQ Bacon

    Hot Hot Hot in Ottawa

    Going to be hot here as well. A little respite tomorrow. Hoping for rain. Dad's 80th birthday party is Saturday, so will be a lot of shade searching at my brother's place.
  7. BBQ Bacon


    Welcome Mik. Ignore Luc...most of us do!
  8. BBQ Bacon

    Cheers, Canada! From NY!

    Welcome Matty.
  9. BBQ Bacon


    As long as you're wearing your nutbra.
  10. BBQ Bacon

    BBQ Bacon

    Most likely to contain food pics.
  11. BBQ Bacon


    All kidding aside, welcome to the nut house. Formal straight jackets are required at all social gatherings!
  12. BBQ Bacon


    Welcome. Let me be the first to ignore your first post!
  13. BBQ Bacon


    Great Canada Day cook. First thing is to get the chimney going to get the starter coals hot. While the coals are getting ready, get the ribs ready. Then onto the smoker for a couple hours of cooking with smoke. After a couple hours, I removed the ribs and wrapped them in tin foil and put back on the smoker for a couple more hours of cooking. Then it was onto the firepit for crisp up the ribs before serving. Oh yeah, these were delicious. BBQ Bacon
  14. BBQ Bacon

    I am awesome.

    You should take up Peeping Tommery!
  15. BBQ Bacon

    Well this is poopy!


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