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  1. X-Warlock

    Well this is poopy!

    I'm fucking dying!!!! LMAO!!!!!! ūü§£
  2. X-Warlock

    PS4 Pro. Worth the upgrade?

    Xbox One X has a 4k Blu Ray player, PS4 Pro does not. Renders better than the Pro too.
  3. It's weekend once again! What's everybody playing? Currently I'm digging into the new God of War on my PS4 and some Far Cry 5 on PC, and switching it up a bit with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.
  4. X-Warlock

    PS4 Pro. Worth the upgrade?

    I have a ps4 pro, it's ok. If you have a 4k TV it's worth the upgrade, otherwise I wouldn't bother. Bang for buck in the 4k department the Xbox One X is more worthwhile.
  5. X-Warlock

    Happy Birthday Kirby!

    Happy birthday, now I don't feel nearly so old!
  6. X-Warlock

    What format are you buying games in?

    Totally depends on the platform and cost. For years I've been moving into digital only since I rarely if ever resell my games and disc space takes up so much less physical space that game cases. But with the pre-order discount from Amazon Prime I've been buying more physical games for my consoles as of late, especially the Switch due to it's limited storage (I had to buy an SD card for Bayonetta 1). smaller games on Switch I'll buy digital for it but everything else I rather go physical. I don't think I've bought a physical game for my PC in over a decade.
  7. I'm always up for some PC gaming, my GTX 1080 ti needs to stretch its legs. Currently playing SW Battlefront 2, GR Wildlands, and Elite Dangerous... but have a ton of other games too. Can find me on Steam under X-Warlock.
  8. X-Warlock

    Assassins Creed Origins!

    Game looks gorgeous on my Xb1X. Actually getting back into it this evening.
  9. X-Warlock

    Star Wars Battlefront II

    Backlash changed my mind pretty hard to the point I cancelled my pre-order. The whole pay-to-win progression will ultimately drive me mad in MP and the campaign is just too short to justify at launch price. I'll likely grab it in a year or so when it's on sale for $20.
  10. I'm still rocking my logitechs, zero issues and great performance.
  11. X-Warlock

    Ghost in Ireland school

    Nothing that can't be rigged, and black and white security cams don't usually record audio...
  12. X-Warlock

    Selling pair of GTX 1070's (SLI)

    I still have one of the cards available. Let me know if he's interested... can PM me with details.
  13. X-Warlock

    Forza 7

    If Turn 10 are going to fix the whole VIP mess I'll def consider grabbing this when my XB1X arrives next month.
  14. X-Warlock

    Update on GamerDADS

    In all seriousness tho, thanks for bringing me on board. I look forward to contributing to the community with my skills as a developer. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  15. X-Warlock

    Update on GamerDADS

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