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  1. No. Gotta work and then going to camp.
  2. DSgamby

    Location with browsers

    Use a VPN
  3. DSgamby

    Test your speeds through Google

    It is not better than Speedtest. Speedtest uses the best server for you. http://www.speedtest.net/
  4. DSgamby

    NHL 19

    I just copied what the survey had.
  5. DSgamby

    NHL 19

    I do surveys for Air Miles points and today, I got one for NHL 19. Here are the features the game will have. The Great Outdoors. Hockey returns to its roots in NHL 19 by taking the sport back to the great outdoors. For the first time in franchise history, step onto the pond and compete in the all new Outdoor Ones game mode, where you and two other players compete in a 1v1v1 free-for-all gauntlet for goals. Showcase your skills and creative as you compete for rank and progress to new outdoor locations with no rules, no stoppages, and no limits. The Legends Have Arrived. NHL 19 introduces over 600 hockey legends from spanning 100 years of NHL history. All of the sport's greatest players, including Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe, Jean Beliveau, and hundreds more are fully available to compete as or against. NHL 19 also introduces historic teams with original rosters. Experience the thrill of playing as The Great One as you compete as the 1984 Edmonton Oilers or create the ultimate fantasy matchups between today's superstars and yesterday's legends. Available in single player and multiplayer modes, history is now at your fingertips to play, team up and compete as the best of the best. Real Player Motion Tech. For the first time in EA SPORTS NHL, the revolutionary Real Player Motion Tech introduces the most advanced gameplay innovation of this console generation. RPM Tech delivers all-new explosive-edge skating, enabling more control over how players generate speed using edgework and crossovers. Players can now experience more responsiveness in their acceleration, high-speed movement, and pin-point turns. RPM Tech combines with brand new physics and collision detection technology that make jaw-dropping hits more life-like, contextually varied, and satisfying. NHL 19 looks better, plays better, and feels better than ever before with the biggest year-on-year gameplay innovation in franchise history. Be A Beauty. Be A Beauty is an evolution of the fan-favorite EA SPORTS Hockey League that introduces a unified progression and customization system for your create-a-character across multiple game modes. Now you can earn customization gear and apply unique style traits to your character that impact playstyle across EASHL and multiple new game modes, including NHL THREES Drop-in, Outdoor Ones and Pro-Am. There have never been more ways to customize your look, performance and playstyle on your way to becoming a true beauty out there. Express Yourself. NHL 19 introduces over 900 all-new customization options for your create-a-character, giving you the freedom to create and express yourself on the ice like never before. For the first time in franchise history, choose between authentic NHL equipment and gear or create a unique look inspired by pond hockey with lifestyle gear and clothing from some of the biggest brands in sports. Express yourself in new lifestyle clothing options, including toques, hoodies, tracksuits and more. Design your own look and colors, or deck your team out in authentic gear from Adidas and other lifestyle brands. NHL 19 gives you the freedom to create, express yourself and compete as the player you've always wanted to be.
  6. DSgamby

    Sports Game of all time?

    Don't know if I can limit myself to 10 but I can list my fav sports game per console. 2600 Ice Hockey Basketball Pole Position NES Blades of Steel Ice Hockey RBI Baseball C64 Superstar Ice Hockey Micro League Baseball Tag Team Wrestling Genesis NHL Hockey NHLPA Hockey 93 NHL 94 NHL 95 Mutant League Hockey FIFA International Soccer Joe Montana Sports Talk Football 2 Lakers vs Celtics & The NBA Playoffs NBA Jam PGA European Tour Golf Road Rash II World Series Baseball WWF Royal Rumble GBA F1 Race Tennis Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf PS1 NHL 99 NHL 2000 NHL Open Ice NHL Powerplay 96 NHL Powerplay 98 NHL Rock The Rink PC NHL Hockey PC NHL Hockey 95 NHL 99 NHL 2000 NHL 2002 NHL 2004 NHL 09 MVP Baseball 2005 PS2 NHL 2002 NHL 2004 NHL09 NHL 2k5 NHL Hitz Pro Xbox NHL 2002 NHL 2004 NHL 2k5 NHL Hitz Pro PS3 NHL09 NHL Legacy PS3 Download 3 on 3 NHL Arcade 360 NHL09 NHL Legacy 360 Arcade/Downloaded 3 on 3 NHL Arcade PS4 NHL 18 Gamecube/Wii NHL 2004 NHL Hitz Pro NHL Slapshot Arcade Blades of Steel Hit The Ice NHL Open Ice WWF Wrestletfest
  7. Yes. The colour of PEOPLETOBA is darker than the WELCOME TO BIENVENUE AU Plus the Manitoba logo needed to be changed to Peopletoba
  8. What a shitty Photoshop job.
  9. DSgamby

    Did you bought NHL 18?

    Yep. I enjoyed the 3 on 3. The inclusion of the Spengler Cup and the Champions League is great.
  10. DSgamby

    Do you make dirty comments....

    I'm smart. I don't have this problem.
  11. DSgamby

    Royal Rumble surprised winner

    Not really a surprise as everyone wanted the AJ vs Japanese Terence Howard match. If the Hurricane won. that would have been a surprise. I am just happy the Empress of Tomorrow so I can see my 2 girls go at it for the title as the Rousey will fight the Queen for a battle of the Horsewomen.
  12. DSgamby

    My SENS

    Habs are not like the Sens. They can stop the puck on most nights
  13. DSgamby

    Addicted to your phone?

    I watched and I have it saved on my PVR like a few other of Marketplace's episodes.
  14. DSgamby

    Are you ready for hockey?

    Ye. Ready for NHL and for reffing.

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