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  1. Tywaz

    Forza Horizon 4 Racing

    I'm planning to play some Forza Horizon 4 this evening. Was wondering if anyone was interested in joining me. I've posted the event in the Race Canadian Club on Xbox Live as well.
  2. Tywaz


    I didn't end up picking up this game. I talked with a friend who had picked it up and he kind of waved me off. I might rethink it when it goes on sale.
  3. Tywaz


    The Forza Horizon series is great. Some of the best racers in the last 5 years. The are not a follow-up to games like Blur, Split-Second, and Burnout. That's what I think about when I think Arcade Racer. Onrush is developed at Codemasters by some of the Motorstorm Devs. Motorstorm is one of those games I always thought I would like if I had a PlayStation. I might pick it up just to give it a try and support them.
  4. Tywaz


    Has anyone tried or picked up Onrush? I'm reading some reviews and trying to figure out if I want to purchase it or not. I have not played a good arcade racer in a awhile and wondering if this is it.
  5. I reserved 6 seats in the Dolby Cinema at the local AMC for April 28th last weekend when the tickets went on sale. Looking forward to seeing this early hoping to avoid spoilers.
  6. Tywaz

    Sea of Thieves or Sea of Turds?

    I've only played a couple times. From what I see that have built a framework of a game but the content is just not there. All the quests for progress pretty much boil down to fetch quests. The fun is to come out of the interactions you have with your crew mates and the other people that you may run across in the world. I've only play twice since release once with my wife and once by myself. I would like to try it a couple time with a full crew of 4 on the larger ship as I have yet to do that. But it sounds like if you take out the larger ship with 3 people the game will automatically match make a 4th person onto your ship so it sounds like either play this game with 2 or 4 people. Outside of that its not worth trying. I do hope to try and schedule some times in the next week where we can try a full group of 4 before my game pass trial expires.
  7. Tywaz

    Sea of Thieves Beta Thoughts

    I tried out the scale test and found it odd that there was no guide or help in game and I had to look up some stuff online. I played it myself on Friday night and played it with my wife on Saturday night. I worry it's going to wear thin quickly but I plan to give it a try through Xbox Gamepass. Would love to see if we could get a full crew going on a couple nights?
  8. Tywaz


    Looking for people to give this Xbox 360 Games with Gold title a spin.
  9. Tywaz

    What format are you buying games in?

    It's the Gamers Club Unlocked. For $30 a year you get 20% off new physical Video Game stuff. They now limit the number of same items you can order. I did a search and it does not seem to be available in Canada. Though something to keep a eye on.
  10. Tywaz

    Forza Horizon 3


    My wife has hockey and I've got kid duty but I might be able to swing online from 7 PM to 7:45 PM
  11. Tywaz

    Pinball FX 3 Tournament

    Is anyone playing Pinball FX 3? It's a free download that comes with one free table and others you can buy. I was able to import tables that I purchased in Pinball FX 2 to expand my library. You can create tournaments within the game to play as well. It's available on Xbox One, PC (Both in Microsoft Store and Steam), PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Cross-Platform is available between PlayStation Network + Steam Xbox One + Windows 10(Microsoft Store) + Steam + Nintendo Switch I was able to create a tournament on the Xbox One and find and play it on both the Switch and PC. So with all that being said is there any interest in giving a Tournament a try using the free Sorcerer's Lair table?
  12. Tywaz

    Forza Horizon 3

    Host: Tywaz Looking to play some Co-op Campaign. Session is posted on Xbox Club "Game Canadian".
  13. Tywaz

    Rocket League

    Anyone interested in playing some 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4. New players welcome. Host:Tywaz
  14. Tywaz

    Shadow of the Colossus?

    I played this game on the PS2 though I didn't finish it. I've always sorry I didn't finish it. So with the remake coming out I have found myself looking up prices of PS4 thinking about picking one so I can give this game a go again. I don't think I'll be picking up a PS4 anytime soon after picking up a new TV, Xbox One X, and switch over the last few months. But to answer your question Fifty I do think it's worth $50 for a play through.
  15. Tywaz


    Looking to try out Titanfall 2's Frontier Defense mode tonight at 10 PM Eastern. Look for more details in the Events section here and in the Game Canadian Club on Xbox.

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