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BBQ Bacon

Bacon Cheddar Burger with the Cheese Skirt

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This is the ultimate burger and I'm posting it here to give you guys some motivation for your next grilling session.




If you do not have one, get yourself a griddle for your gas BBQ.  You can also use a large frying pan if you are only making a couple burgers at a time.  I like the griddle as it gives a great crust to the burger and helps seal in the juices.  Not only that, it helps when making the cheese skirt later.




Let the griddle get hot, then drop on your favorite burger patty.  Season with salt and pepper while it cooks.  After flipping, apply you pre-cooked bacon.



Close up!




Add a couple slices of your favorite cheese.  This allows the cheese to melt and pour over the side and crisp up as it hits the hot griddle.



Look at that crispy cheese skirt.  LOOK!





Now go get creative!


Grilled onion burger.



Bacon Jalapeno cheese burger.



Mac N' Cheese burger



Jalapeno Popper Burger






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1 hour ago, creeping judas said:

So does cooking the burger on the cookie actually still instill the flavor of the BBQ in it? It just seems an odd way of cooking burgers on the BBQ?

Oh yes it does.  Certainly not as much as a flare up scorching the meat, but pretty damn close.

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