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OMMRPG? On-line Massively Multi Player Role Playing Game.  


I downloaded the 47.5GB game yesterday and got in and played about 30 minutes this morning.  If you're into Anime this will be right up your alley.  It appears to me that this games origins are very much in the Anime world.  Everything from the terrain and voices.  I can't really say I like or dislike the game from only playing for 30 minutes, but having spent a couple years in Neverwinter, it certain is different.  I will give the game a chance and try to get a few more hours into it before I pass full judgement.




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I don't know Sam.  I tried again this morning for about half an hour and just not the same feel I like in a game.  Thinking I may try a stretch on the weekend, but if my initial instincts are right, I'll be deleting it before the day is done.


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