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Has anyone tried or picked up Onrush? I'm reading some reviews and trying to figure out if I want to purchase it or not. I have not played a good arcade racer in a awhile and wondering if this is it. 

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The Forza Horizon series is great. Some of the best racers in the last 5 years.

The are not a follow-up to games like Blur, Split-Second, and Burnout. That's what I think about when I think Arcade Racer. Onrush is developed at Codemasters by some of the Motorstorm Devs. Motorstorm is one of those games I always thought I would like if I had a PlayStation. 

I might pick it up just to give it a try and support them. 

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I was actually watching a stream of OnRush's gameplay earlier and almost bought it... Until I saw the price tag. The game looks fun but it is NOT worth $80CAD for the base game. I put this on par with something like Rocket League and I'd happily buy it at Rocket League's price point. 


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wow looking at it, I thought of motorstorm. I loved those games... i miss that Studio a lot and it's too bad it's not there in 2018

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