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Is it just me or...

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...does going back and playing nostalgic games again always feel underwhelming?

Example. I love Halo. I bought the MC Collection and played through 1 & 2 before getting tired of it. Tried it again now that its on Game Pass and was back to playing Destiny in less than an hour. 

Too much been there, done that feeling for me. I want to play new experiences. Anyone feel the same way?

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I do but a thing I love with old games is multiplayer local when possible... The social interaction is important for me.... So old games for me are enjoyable with friends.


Like you I jump back in but for a fraction of a time.

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I bought an Xbox One X to play games on the best graphics a console can give. So quite often I will play a game from the past and get disappointed with it due to the graphics and outdated physics engines. That being said, Rage was a huge surprise for me, and I actually enjoyed the game.

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