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    Apex has taken the gaming world by storm with its addictive battle royal style gameplay and F2P accessibility. I'm curious to see who out there is playing it and what your thoughts of the game are. For me... I'm addicted. I haven't been one for battle royal style games as I could never get behind the gameplay mechanics of Fortnite, the stylings of Realm Royale, or the startup costs of Black Out or PUBG (Other than PUBG Mobile, I played that a ton). The last competitive style FPS shooter I played was Destiny, and I loved The Crucible. Their downfall was being too money hungry and forcing to many paywalls into their game. This left me with a bit of an FPS void that had never been filled until now. I decided to give Apex Legends a try after the F2P platform dropped surprisingly at the start of the month, and I've been playing almost daily ever since. It's pickup and play nature has me into a game within about 2 minutes of booting up my PS4 Pro, which allows me to play the quick and addictive game during the small amount of free time I get around my busy work/family lifestyle. If you die, you're back in a new match within about 30-45 seconds thanks to the large player base and their great server setup, something almost no other game has going for it right now. For me, I play with a group of about 4-5 co-workers, so I can usually find someone online to play with. If no one is on, I still very much enjoy playing with random players thanks to their intuitive ping based systems. I rarely if ever unmute my headset when I'm playing with strangers due to the toxicity of most online communities, yet the ping system let's players communicate quickly and efficiently without saying a word. Marking locations, enemies, loot, asking for supplies, and more are all completed with a click of the shoulder button in a universal system that had been previously unheard of up until now. My go-to characters are either Mirage or Wraith, and I tend to play them both offensively and defensively. Apex Legends character variety is an added bonus as every character has their own unique traits and play style, and the game restricts all parties to only 1 of any given character. This lends to an almost infinite array of cooperative and strategic play styles and also forces the player to learn and utilize a couple of different characters in the event that their main is taken by another player. I would love to hear what you all think of the game if you are playing it at all. Who are your mains? Anyone make Champion? Looking forward to your responses!
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    yeah soon enough you'll have better speed. I'm still not keen on that wireless product though
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