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  1. I'm very intrigued with this upcoming streaming service. Knowing Google of its capabilities It looks very promising. Now I'd understand you'd need a good download speed, but for people who don't want to spend a fortune on a custom PC this could almost be the way to go. I was pleased with the presentation. I know a lot of people are mad about the lack of information but this was to be expected. We'll find more information with summer! here's a teaser trailer: https://store.google.com/magazine/stadia
  2. Well my kids love the demo of this game so I think, we'll end up getting it for them, its a vibrant beautiful world and has a few puzzle along the way. Any of you guys getting this game for the kids or even yourself?
  3. Hey guys! the rumours are swirling everywhere that Google yes Google are apparently going to get into the console market! Here's the video of the apparent tease. now the controller seems to be pretty bad. like a lot of bad... but that 's bad. I just hope this is a bad design!
  4. Season 2 point towards someone and it's a little shocking
  5. For the one that have watch this series. Do you think the right guy(s) is in prison? Do you have faith in the justice system? Do you think they'll be a change in the case? let us know!
  6. you think cable companies will match this phone services with newer technologies?
  7. Well they advertisement March 10 to be MAR10 day but its been a full of disappointment! The only deal you'll have for a new Mario game at 50% off is if you buy a 379.99 console and you get your game at 50% but and the end you had to shed 420 plus to get a game on sale. I think it's a big big big RIPPY-DEE OFF! I even tweet about it...
  8. I like my switch it might be more nostalgia for me but Zelda and Mario were awesome games. For me a fan of both was worth it. Mario Kart online isn't bad either. The console due lack features like a Bluetooth for speakers and a microphone. The joycon aren't the most comfortable for big hands for a certain amount of time. The expensive pro controller is awesome but 90$ CAD is hard to chew on. For sale shoppers you can find it for 60$ and even 45 during the holidays. The dock isn't great, 3 usb while one is 3.0 but not yet activated. No ethernet port which is mind blown in 2017 at the time of the launch. But the portability of the switch brings memories of the gameboy years. And with Xbox gamepads arrival might help the switch growth too.
  9. i think EA is behind it, the reason is they put too much money on it and it's failing in their face!
  10. I'm Happy! :) 

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