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  1. The Nerf Nemesis is the best tool for around the house. Wife doesn't listen to you? poof ! poof ! Just like that she has your attention and is totally pissed at you! Kids dont eat? Poof Poof !!! they're afraid of you! and still dont eat! Kids not listening? Poof Poof they're crying! BEST TACTICAL TOOL EVER!
  2. source: https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/11/us/trivago-actor-arrest-trnd/index.html NOOOOO! That's the end of Trivago guy.
  3. My Friend's band! He's the Drummer it's pretty heavy stuff. here's the link of the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NephilimMoveAndGroove/
  4. yeah I'll be skipping this product all together.
  5. can't wait for Orange to come up with their service to the public!
  6. yeah apparently they still want your money Sam!
  7. Cause if you watch the conference they referred at your favourite usb controller... It's another way of saying wired
  8. but it's wired to the pc if its an xbox or ps4 so less delay.... 😮 it was a terrible terrible question by the way As per IGN to game at 1080p 60fps you'll need 25 mbps connection.
  9. I'm very intrigued with this upcoming streaming service. Knowing Google of its capabilities It looks very promising. Now I'd understand you'd need a good download speed, but for people who don't want to spend a fortune on a custom PC this could almost be the way to go. I was pleased with the presentation. I know a lot of people are mad about the lack of information but this was to be expected. We'll find more information with summer! here's a teaser trailer: https://store.google.com/magazine/stadia
  10. Well my kids love the demo of this game so I think, we'll end up getting it for them, its a vibrant beautiful world and has a few puzzle along the way. Any of you guys getting this game for the kids or even yourself?
  11. Hey guys! the rumours are swirling everywhere that Google yes Google are apparently going to get into the console market! Here's the video of the apparent tease. now the controller seems to be pretty bad. like a lot of bad... but that 's bad. I just hope this is a bad design!

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