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  1. Anyone else checking this out? It's a very fun battle royale game and I have had some of the most intense moments ever playing games. Lots of fun even though it is $40 for an early access game but there is a huge player base already. They keep saying it will come to console at some point as well
  2. OILERS SUCK Hoping for Sens to get in but also agree it's not looking good
  3. Baseball is back I think the Jays will make the playoffs just not sure they will be able to do anything in the post season this year
  4. Blizz20

    Persona 5

    I am just curious if anyone is interested in Persona 5 at all? Especially those of you with children because from what I have heard this game takes way over 100 hours to complete and that is a huge time commitment.
  5. I've been watching since I was a kid with both of my Grandpas (RIP) and I continue the tradition now putting my self through some real crap. Every now and then they surprise you. The real problem is its like 5 hours just for Wrestlemania. If you watch any of the preshow that adds another 2 hours.
  6. Blizz20

    Destiny 2

    I could never get into the raids what so ever but I loved mindless shooting of enemies Just a little nervous they are rushing this and how much content will be there when it first comes out
  7. Ok Baseball fans It's that time of the year for Sony's awesome baseball game that is to laggy to play online I love this series anyways even just to play Diamond Dynasty solo. Hopefully with retro mode maybe that will be decent to play online but I am not holding my breath. Still a must buy for any baseball fans out there.
  8. I am liking it more then I thought I would but like already has been said on this topic games are going to be an issue. I love Zelda and I am probably going to pick up Mario Kart. I had fun with the Splatoon test today but I don't think Id buy that one. Unless Nintendo has a bunch at E3 I am nervous this may collect as much dust as my Wii U did
  9. I am a huge fan of the original trilogy and have completed the original 3 more then a couple of times I was all excited for Andromeda but after playing the first hour I just can't seem to pull myself back to it. Part of the problem is I think to many amazingly good games came out before it and it may have been released at one of the worst times of the year. Plus it could have used a little bit more time to fix issues in the game. Anyone else pick this up yet? What are your thoughts?
  10. Here is what leads me to drinking I only get these speeds like at 5 AM when no one else is up I HATE YOU SASKTEL
  11. I was able to grab a grey one at 6 AM Mountain time
  12. I'm in middle of nowhere SK i pay $80 a month for 10 down (which very rarely gets that consistently) and 1 up
  13. Anyone picking this up on Tuesday? Reviews have been very good and some places have said it's PS4's best exclusive
  14. I'll be curious how long it takes to even find one on shelves I really want to play the new Zelda but I sold my Wii U late last year and just not sure I want to have another Nintendo console to collect dust and only play 1 or 2 games on it.

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