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  1. Bohic


    Want to say no, but I will.
  2. Bohic


    VR is killing itself with exclusives... Resident evil had the chance to open the market and they signed 1 year exclusive. Oculus is doing everything they can to lock down a proprietary infustruture. Vive... Well anybody seen any advertising and have they shrink the controllers yet. Really wanted to see Xbox one x with pc headset VR support (vive /oculus / open source) to help broaden the market. Once again pooch screwed. Dead tech now. SAD
  3. What's worse is individual accounts don't work well past 2 consoles at least for game sharing. Set up one on mi e as home and one of. Hers as home... Even then playing each other's game is clunky, Changing home consoles to play. I've got a 3rd box for the bedroom and it's so confusing on who has what and which box is home it's actually u plugged right now. I get allot of people abuse the game share but if it's paid on the same account it should allow multiple users to all digital games.
  4. Bohic


    You can actually now find PC and oculus bundles for $999 (doesn't include new touch controllers)
  5. Bohic


    Most of the headsets are rather glasses friendly although I have some square glasses that sit wide on my face and they don't work. So with that I use contacts or go without since the screen is so close and my vision isn't horrible. My biggest issue has been vertigo, it's noticeable when looking down off an edge or when you control a walking char. I tried playing destiny via Xbox steam and virtual desktop, after about 20 mins I felt a little nauseous. Also space is a concern, I'm considering moving it to the den but that creates an inconvenience to use my desktop for anything else? Hadn't really thought of the stupid looking factor
  6. Not preordered, but thinking of trading my Wii u and an extra Xbox one I have sitting around for it. Seriously can't figure out how to be digital in a house with 2 gamertag and digital games. I really think if I didn't have them sitting around I would have been a no. Will wait till in wild though after the fake Nintendo shortage they always have for hype.
  7. Bohic


    So what are peoples thoughts on VR will it go the way of Kinect or is it the future. I am an oculus rift with touch controllers owner and love it but really find most games are still very demo like. Resident evil drops and don't pulls an exclusive for a year?!?! Stupid on a market that's just starting, should be trying to encourage, meanwhile oculus has been trying to close down its infustruture every chance they get. With Project Scorpio on the horizon I'm super hopeful they will embrace the rift and vive along with msvr. Otherwise I think this market will die if everybody tries to lock down exclusives.
  8. About 30d and 16u when hardwired... But no clue what I really pay because Comcast forces bundles so internet, cable (all premium) and a VoIP phone I never hooked up for $220 usd. Don't think we really have caps that I would ever hit.
  9. Bohic


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