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  1. Is it free? I like free
  2. I'm liking Ice Nine Kills - A Grave Mistake. The whole album has a cool theme. Each song is about a horror film. Worth a listen
  3. I got my PS4 early and on Christmas I got an Amazon echo and an echo dot, and Lego Avengers for PS4. My 4 year old and I have fun playing that one
  4. PlayStation store has a bunch of titles up to 70% off right now too
  5. rcb031

    Beta tester

    I didn't sign up for anything. Just got a message on my inbox asking if I was interested
  6. I'm out. Fortnite will never be played in my house
  7. rcb031

    Beta tester

    Has anyone been invited to be a beta tester? I just got an invite to test out MLB the show 19 and I've only had my PS4 for 3 weeks
  8. I sure am! What kind of event are you thinking of?
  9. Still really liking the game. Story is excellent and there's so much free roaming that you can do and side missions out the wazoo. Definitely recommend this game
  10. Yes. But it's not soccer
  11. And now they're making fake accounts saying Melnyk is a good person. It's hard to cheer for the organization. Still support the team.
  12. I saw the show 18 at Walmart for 29.99. Is it worth picking up?
  13. So far it seems very good. You get thrown into a decent boss battle right away and definitely learn on the fly. Kinda reminds me of the Arkham series with the combos and multiple bad guys at a time. Very early into playing it but I can see really liking this game

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