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  1. Thanks Judas, Your name sounds familiar, you were part of the original XCL group right? I love it up here! Can you send me an invite to the Game Canadian club on Xbox Live?
  2. Hey all, I'm a 39 year old gamer from Haliburton, Ontario. I work as an IT Technician for the County. Also the parent of a 13, 10, and 4 year old. Busy busy. Some of you may remember me from the XCL days, my Gamertag was Draegoth back then. You also may remember me getting heavily roasted by BrewGuy. Haha. Feel free to add me (Gamertag is Kellerstein), I'm usually on at night or on weekends.

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We're a new type of community who actually focus on the word community.  We have a goal to make in-person events to build off something that other communities can not do. We focus on building a team, and chat about our gaming hobby. Everyone is welcome on our website.


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