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  1. What is wired to the PC? I don't have anything wired to a PC and I have a XBOX and had a PS4?
  2. Why what a good question Sam! Here is some information about your query that I was able to find online.
  3. How is the controller going to connect to the TV, then to game, etc? I think I have a Google operated TV operating system, I have a 2016 LG TV?
  4. Minimum speeds recommended is 25mbs and up. So some of us rural folks, we will be left in the cold!! But this to me is very similar to Xbox Play Anywhere or what ever it is being called, Google just beat them to the market!
  5. Well I guess we will see tomorrow, I think if anyone can pull it off it would be Google.
  6. Don"t mess with an angry plumber with a Twitter account Nintendo Canada!!!!
  7. I haven't watched the 2nd one as of yet, but from the first one, I am pretty convinced that the wrong person is in jail.
  8. I actually brought mine in to work last Saturday, and had a blast playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  9. I'll show you in game, back in the day, it was all the rage!!! We had laughs over it!!!
  10. Get it!!! And I'll teach all about team killing!!!
  11. Because of my poor internet connection, I don't game online that much, so for me SP experiences will always trump MP experience. It's bad enough to listen to my son yell at his TV about "Stupid LAG!!!", that we don't need me to add to that too much. Plus friends can see noticeable issues with me when playing with them online. That being said, I loved RDR2's single player part. I thought it was fantastic.
  12. Loved the first one, ordered the premium edition myself!
  13. Whose playing? I got the standard edition, and aside from a few quirks, I am truly enjoying the game?

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