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  1. djkail

    4K / HDR TV's

    I just got the 55" due to the room it is setup in. Wish I went a bit larger for movies but I'm only sitting 5.5ft or so from the TV so I couldn't really go bigger as I use it for gaming as well. I tried looking for the website again but can't seem to locate it... I know the company was based out of Alberta and I had never heard of them before. If I run across it, and they still have it heavily discounted I'll link it here. Looks like price on them has dropped to just below 2K now at most retailers.
  2. djkail

    4K / HDR TV's

    Samsung KS8000... Most highly rated TV series of 2016 for HDR gaming. When researching keep your eye on the lag times of the TV. Some will post great numbers in HD or even UHD but the lag drastically increases when you introduce HDR in the mix. The KS8000 has the lowest input lag with HDR, and has a superb colour reproduction. I researched for a solid couple of months, wanted an OLED but feel like the tech is to infant right now. HDR is nice, but it's not like it was going from 480i to 1080p... It's subtle at times but definitely there. The KS8000 will auto detect an HDR signal and enable the settings (backlight gets cranked to max) automatically. However, you have to manually change the backlight when in game mode and an HDR signal is running. Also, I paid just under list price around November of last year. About $2300. Found a sketchy website that had it listed for $850 less online and the dumb-ass at Best Buy price matched it so I ended the day getting it for a really solid price.
  3. djkail

    Dad to be...

    Hey everyone! Love the idea behind this community! I'm not a dad yet, but that is going to change on or around July 27th of this year! Hit me up on PS4 for some Titanfall or BF1!

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