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  1. I gotta say ive been happy with this Samsung uhd screen I hooked up a few months ago... tho 4K forced me to splurge on a card to push it.... 144Hz/fps is a dream at that rez tho so 60 works fine
  2. I haven't picked up a current gen box yet no..... Cant bring myself to buy lesser hardware so I haven't grabbed a cheep one.... I can get some of those crossplay games tho.... forza etc,,,,
  3. lolz. Been playing to many single player games lately. Is anyone around playing something fun on PC? Ive been playing some ark and such on an empty server, but I have or can grab anything... Just thought ide kick a dead horse around see what happens I'm always on steam during the evenings and weekends.
  4. Yah. It has... The sooner we can get a west coast get together the better IMO, its been FAR toooo long
  5. I think most of us have spent about the same as we could have on consoles and 69 dollar games (thank Odin for steamsales) i would love to console again but ide have to "come into" some extra money for that... pc since 1983 tho I suppose a c64 and t90 arnt really "pc" hehhe
  6. Naw. Happygrumpy tm is how i describe myself these daYs. With a generous helping of black sarcasm.... is still admin (for no reason lol) on the old XCL steam group, and it seems like quite a few of us still are active... just not in that group. so I'll make a new one for gamerDads and post it up
  7. MaxKool

    Hai Dads

    Hehehe, From steam we both sorta drift back around the same time too......
  8. Hey all, I have a beast of a server here running a 4 map cluster for Ark. Its pretty casual, I admin and keep it smooth. Im open to mods if anyone wants... If the rates need adjustment... im open to suggestions... More or less just me and my buddy n kid play on this monster and It can handle 50+ no problem. If you are interested let me know, and Ill supply you with login info cheers.
  9. Eh why not. i7-7700k @5ghz MSI Krait z270 board 32gb of pc3200 1080 gpu... Bunch of SSDs 40" 4k UHD 60hz Samsung. find me on steam maxkool
  10. Well after way to long away, and to many of my other buddies dropping off the face of the earth with kids n such..... I remembered the most fun I had gaming was with some of you guys.... Anyhow, These days Im almost 100% PC as I havent had the money to dump into a console after spending too much money on home PC stuff as usual.... So Hello and nice to meecha to anyone I dont know, and the rest of you... The original Angry Mike is back...(dam people stealing my schtick and sucking lol) Wondering if we have a steamgroup? if not, lets make one. Currently Im playing Ark again, I have a 70slot server I admin.. for me and my 3 friends.....who hardly play anymore.... So I maintain for solo i guess...... enterprise level hardware and plenty of bandwidth, 4 Map cluster with slightly modded rates so as to make up for the lack of numbers. im on steam as MaxKool cheers, n see you around.
  11. MaxKool

    Shad / Fifty

    X2 would love to see any of the "madness" games again hehehe I had em all on my SLI voodoo2 lolz.
  12. MaxKool


    LMAO Man i miss the forza 3 race nights back then.... bloody classic.... I still have some replays on my HDD lol.
  13. Ahhhhh havent seen any of your guys tags in a while, good to see again hope all is well NC.
  14. MaxKool


    Helloooo.... how is everyone. I havent been gaming much lately, but amd trying to get back into things. Mostly stuck on PC these days, but gonna grab a scorp when they come out. see u online

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