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  1. Red Dead Redemption 2 and, if it drops to half price, NHL 19.
  2. n00bxQb

    NHL 19

    Sweaters and outdoor rinks! Exactly what fans have been demanding for years!
  3. I haven't been gaming a lot, but the games I've been purchasing lately have been for PC Master Race.
  4. Civic Type R kills it and they are rumoured to have an AWD version coming.
  5. We'll trade you Loui Eriksson or Sam Gagner.
  6. n00bxQb


    I've played NHL 18 a fair amount this year and it's definitely different than NHL 16/17. Good: - Actual hockey plays are generally more rewarding/less futile. Example: Dumping the puck in, in previous games, was generally akin to giving the puck away 90% of the time. A good shoot in with an aggressive forecheck strategy, more often than not, is now a legitimate play style. Cycling the puck is definitely better. Getting in the passing/shooting lanes is generally rewarded. - Breakaways are no longer gimmies (this is good and bad). I look at the Online Vs. leaderboards and very few have a high % like they did in years past. You can no longer just rely on the forehand-backhand-forehand deke, although it's still probably the most reliable (in my experience). - Protecting the puck and trying to dangle the entire opposition's defense is definitely a less viable strategy than before.- Smart passes are definitely rewarded and poor passes are definitely punished ... most games (see Ugly section). In most games, your opponent can try passing it through the AI defender all night long and it'll get intercepted or deflected away every time. - The menus and UI have improved, though still not to the point where I should actually be listing it in the good section, really, but there's no meh section, so ... - EA finally admitted face-off loops exist. Bad: - Well ... There's a lot, so this list probably won't be complete. - EA finally admitted face-off loops exist ... but they intentionally put them in the game because reasons. They're "working on" preventing people from abusing it ... supposedly. Thanks ... I guess? - Deflections are so bad unless your player is 2 feet from the net. Don't even bother to try for tips from the slot because the puck slows down a ridiculous amount. - Loose puck scrambles in front of the net, you can pretty much always assume that either the defense is going to get it or you'll get it and you won't be able to shoot or pass the puck before losing it again. - AI defense defending the rush is god awful, possibly worse than previous games if that's possible. They'll pretty much just let your opponent walk into the slot and fire. - Volume shooting is rewarded far too often. You'll sometimes run into guys who get it over the blueline, throw it on net, and they'll get 1-3 goals per game doing it (even in non-Ugly games, see below). They don't even slap it or do the pull-back wrister. Just gain blueline, flick right stick up. It's not only incredibly boring to play against, but it's aggravating how effective it is. - Good plays aren't rewarded enough. Yes, they're still your best chance to score ... but ... goalies are way too good at making incredible saves and way too bad at making easy saves is the general theme here. - Poke check/sweep is way too effective ... but ... especially during the ugly games ... when you poke the puck, it generally goes to whoever has momentum. So you can poke check your opponent a billion times and it keeps finding its way to his guys. - Input lag. Basically, get rid of the puck quick if you have guys bearing down on you because your player won't react if your opponent is too close. So stupid. - Defensive skill stick ... aka ... re-implementation of the sweep, but now you can skate while doing it. I mean, it's better than it used to be (*cough* sorry, I mean this is a BRAND NEW FEATURE!!!! *cough*) but this leads to ... - Re-mapping of the chop action into the incredibly unreliable R3 + Direction aka skate into the boards and miss the puck half the time. Essentially, the chop went from a great tool to a liability thanks to the defensive skill stick taking its button mapping. - The game clearly revolves around HUT, also known as the worst mode ever. Ugly: - The ice tilt/momentum or whatever EA doesn't want you to call it is still there and ramped up even more. You'll have games where you know you're screwed before the end of the 2nd shift. Can't complete passes, all your players skate like their blades are coated with molasses, goaltender lets in awful goals, AI teammates take penalties all over the place, AI teammates actively try to get covered, AI teammates actively skate into you instead of getting open, passes go right through your guys, etc. usually until your opponent has an insurmountable lead, then the tides turn and suddenly you dominate just long enough for the game to get within reach and then, bam, you're fighting an uphill battle again. ... or sometimes, it's literally the entire game. I played the same guy in back-to-back-to-back games. Completely trounced the guy in the first game, won 4-0, quadrupled his shots, tripled his time on attack. Lost the 2nd game 3-0, he tripled my shots, doubled my time of attack. Completely dominated him in the third game, won 4-0 again, quadrupled his shots, and tripled his time on attack again. What happened in game two was exactly as I described above. And, like I said, this was the exact same guy, the exact same night, with the exact same teams 3 games in a row. Overall: It's probably the best NHL game for the current generations of consoles but, man, for a game that made it to this generation a year late and is now in its 4th iteration on this generation, it certainly hasn't made the progress you'd expect. NHL 14/15/Legacy for previous gen are still better, if less graphically-impressive, games in my opinion.
  7. n00bxQb

    PS4 Group

    What's the group?
  8. Still available? Friend asked me to price out a PC for him, not 100% sure he's ready to drop the $, but it'd likely be a card in this price range he'd be looking at.
  9. Well, GF gave me a $100 PSN card for my new promotion to get NHL 18, so I got NHL 18 yesterday with it if anyone wants to play. Wasn't planning to get it until Christmas time because of school, but whatevs. Won't be able to play much, but will occasionally be available to play.
  10. Depends what you're using it for. Competitive gaming - Definitely a 144 Hz monitor (provided you have a top-end rig that can push 144 FPS in the games you play) Graphics/Video Editing - Definitely an 8-bit or 10-bit per pixel IPS or VA panel LCD screen (note: most cheaper IPS panels and basically all TN panels are 6-bit + FRC these days to try to emulate the colour gamut of an 8-bit; frame rate control can cause artifacts and other less-than-ideal effects). Recommend 4K or 5K resolution, but much more expensive. Casual gaming/general purpose - Most monitors these days are pretty good for general purpose unless you get a bargain-basement unit.
  11. Consumer Reports top-rated 46-52" 4K TVs Samsung UN49MU8000 (76/100) Sony XBR-49X900E (73/100) LG 49UJ7700 (73/100) Samsung UN50MU6300 (72/100) Samsung UN49MU650D (72/100) Samsung UN49KS8500 (72/100) Samsung UN49KU7500 (72/100) Samsung UN49MU7500 (71/100) Samsung UN50KU6300 (71/100) Samsung UN50KU630D (70/100) Best buy: LG 49UH6100 (66/100)
  12. n00bxQb


    Decent list of BAGM/Franchise mode improvements, but since it's EA, it's likely that most/all of them will be terribly executed and cause more problems than they solve.
  13. Free to play with in-game currency = non-starter for me

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