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  1. I'm done, EA can go fuck themselves with a cattle prod. Bought Star Wars Battlefront 2 on PC at X-mas. The game was a mess, barely stable, and of course the whole loot box shenanigans. As is far too often the case with PC games, I gave EA several months to get their shit together and after the latest 12gb update the game has gone from "Barely playable and unstable as fuck" to "good fucking luck in getting this piece of shit to run under ANY circumstances". It's bad enough that the Origin client can't seem to scale for shit on a 4k display requiring me to literally stand inches from my TV just to be able to read/launch, but the game itself struggles to load, makes it as far as the menu and bombs out every single time on my i7-7700k @ 4.3ghz, 48gb ram, on a GTX 1080 ti, loading from an ssd. The game should be running at a buttery 60fps in 4k!!! I swear I shall never buy another EA game on PC again, likely not on console either. I don't care how good Anthem looks, it'll probably be a buggy and unplayable mess too.
  2. Thinking the same thing, Game Pass is looking worth it. Especially since Best Buy has the 6 month code on sale for $35 at the moment. https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/-/12381147.aspx
  3. Personally I'm hoping EA announces a Star Wars game other than Battlefront or their mobile titles. I need to see more from Anthem too.
  4. I hear you on the controller, especially as someone with arthritis. The Ps4 controller has that touch pad and built in speaker but the comfort and response of the XB1 controller just feels right. I can game for hours and hours with it whereas with the PS4 I need to take a break before long. If only Sony would adopt an offset thumb-stick configuration.
  5. X-Warlock


    I was actually watching a stream of OnRush's gameplay earlier and almost bought it... Until I saw the price tag. The game looks fun but it is NOT worth $80CAD for the base game. I put this on par with something like Rocket League and I'd happily buy it at Rocket League's price point.
  6. So MS has a major problem with exclusives. Specifically that they have none worth giving a crap about or the few that have made it out are failing. Halo Wars bombed hard last year, Sea of Thieves fell to shit pretty quick after launch. As of 2018 Microsoft only have 8 exclusives for the year, 2 of which have been released, one in early access, and one (Crackdown 3) is dangerously close to missing it's launch window again. I love my Xbox One X, but outside of Forza I don't see any first party titles or exclusives making it worth the investment. So far I bought a $600 console to play Assassin's Creed and COD WW2 and a prettier resolution, something I could have just as easily done with my PC. Meanwhile I am drowning in more quality PS4 exclusives than I can play, like God of War, Horizon, Uncharted, Nioh, and soon Spider-Man, and they all make my PS4 Pro worth the purchase. Even every major Activision game has timed exclusivity to the PS4 now (Destiny 2, COD Blops 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, etc). At this point I think MS need to walk out at E3 and slap their dick on the table or else it's all over for them this generation. I'd love to see them announce Halo 6 and Gears of War 5... but they really need to do more.
  7. Yes, in some cases a huge difference in lighting and color depths.
  8. X-Warlock

    Halo 5 clinic

    Just want to mention that the Master Chief Collection is getting a big update soon too, not sure if that's included in the game pass.
  9. I'm fucking dying!!!! LMAO!!!!!! ūü§£
  10. Xbox One X has a 4k Blu Ray player, PS4 Pro does not. Renders better than the Pro too.
  11. It's weekend once again! What's everybody playing? Currently I'm digging into the new God of War on my PS4 and some Far Cry 5 on PC, and switching it up a bit with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.
  12. I have a ps4 pro, it's ok. If you have a 4k TV it's worth the upgrade, otherwise I wouldn't bother. Bang for buck in the 4k department the Xbox One X is more worthwhile.
  13. Happy birthday, now I don't feel nearly so old!
  14. Totally depends on the platform and cost. For years I've been moving into digital only since I rarely if ever resell my games and disc space takes up so much less physical space that game cases. But with the pre-order discount from Amazon Prime I've been buying more physical games for my consoles as of late, especially the Switch due to it's limited storage (I had to buy an SD card for Bayonetta 1). smaller games on Switch I'll buy digital for it but everything else I rather go physical. I don't think I've bought a physical game for my PC in over a decade.
  15. I'm always up for some PC gaming, my GTX 1080 ti needs to stretch its legs. Currently playing SW Battlefront 2, GR Wildlands, and Elite Dangerous... but have a ton of other games too. Can find me on Steam under X-Warlock.

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