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  1. Sem

    Hi to all

    I can imagine.
  2. Sem

    Hi to all

    Hi there, we train schools @ FutureSkillz. Do you have a company name for me?
  3. Sem

    Hi to all

    You can start with $100 and building your own race drone, like we teach to students. But of course, if you want professional gear and have the money, than there is lot to explore.
  4. Sem

    Hi to all

    Hello everyone, after some chats with Luc, I finally found some time to make my first post here in this community. Great to see there is a place like this on the net. I'm 35 years old and from the Netherlands. Some of you might remember ArenaCenter.net (2000-2007), I was founder and owner of it, together with Frederik Landin from Sweden. We bundled arena (boards, decks etc.) updates for the NHL pc versions and put a lot of other stuff to download on our site. Now, 17 years later, I sometimes play NHL but I'm very busy with one of my startups. It's about drones and drone racing. I take drones to schools, where I train teachers and students in creativity and collaboration. I basically organize drones races at schools. So if you want to see more, please respond and I will post some videos. For now, thanks for reading this post and hopefully we will meet eachother here in the community.

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