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  1. Probably the same as that OnLive bs from a few years back. It's smart considering how cheap Android boxes are - just need to have a gigabit connection on them or dual-band wifi for streaming.
  2. I wish the best for Dutchy but I'm liking Girard more. Kamenev is a good acquisition - sucks that he broke his arm a few months on his first shift.. Nevermind the conditional picks..!
  3. If your TV is ACTUALLY 120Hz and you can achieve 120 FPS with your set-up, then sure. You shouldn't have any latency problems but you still should be in Game Mode. My concern would be the "mimicking". You might get some blurred edges and latency - I know I have..
  4. That's my set up. I have my PC beside on my desk beside the TV since I'm in a small Vancouver apartment. When I feel like playing on the TV, I hook up with HDMI and use the wireless controller adapter and sit on my couch. Gotta make sure to use Game Mode on the TV though. Latency can be pretty bad sometimes.
  5. I've helped a lot of my friends recently in picking out their monitors. Do you mainly play FPS? 144Hz monitors are much better and make them a lot more enjoyable. https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Monitors/VG248QE/ The ASUS 248QE is a very popular and probably the best gaming monitor with the high refresh rate in your price range. Only downside is that it's a TN panel (very responsive) but dull in colour at times. You can usually pick up a good IPS display in your price range as well, but they are all 60Hz. There's a website I use called https://www.skadi.ca/collections/monitor and they have some "Open Box" units that are in pristine condition and work amazing.
  6. Wanted to hop in this thread and suggest the show The Crashing. It won't be for everyone, but it's about a Christian-raised man who is trying to make it as a straight-edge comedian. He meets other comedians on the way and takes part in funny activities. It really shows the struggles of coming up back in the industry. It's only eight episodes, but they're already filming season two.
  7. 4.2GHz i7 4790K Some fancy Asus ROG mobo (can't remember) 2x Asus Strix ROG GTX 980 in SLI (upgrading to a 1080 TI) 16GB DDR3 memory 3x 120GB Samsung EVO SSD 1x 1TB Seagate Blue HDD Benq GW2765 1440p 60Hz Corsair M95 + K90 M&K
  8. Yep. Just need to hit Y and create a new User. Girlfriend and I can play Zelda without effecting eachother's saves.
  9. I use the standard headset for my Xbox (which I don't use to game anymore). On my PC, I use a ModMic. Using both an open-back Seinnheiser headphones and Beats Studios if I need to use noise cancellation.
  10. Splinter Cell Recent reboot (Blacklist) didn't do it for me. Would like to see them go back to their roots of the first three. Ubisoft failed miserably by trying to make it accessible to everyone.

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