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  1. You have to have either a) pre-ordered, or b) be signed up with Origin Access (Basic or Premium) in order to get into this beta. Each person in the VIP beta gets three codes to share with friends (Shad, Gary, and Kirby have grabbed mine). Progress in the VIP beta will carry over to the open beta which is the week after the VIP beta, but nothing carries over to launch.
  2. I'm a little late (as usual), but I'm in!
  3. The VIP Beta is this upcoming weekend, for those who pre-ordered or have EA Access. I am in on XBox. Anybody else? If so, let's do our best to meet up. I'm super pumped.
  4. I love that I almost died a million times during extreme danger and I meet my end by FALLING OFF A CLIFF because I didn't look where I was going. So great.
  5. BrewGuy

    Crew 2?

    I picked up The Crew 2 on PS4 today. Will probably be on tonight. Anybody else playing?
  6. So recently, I picked up Destiny 2 for PC on the cheap as a bunch of friends recently did the same, and there was one big difference I noticed: framerate. Destiny 2 on PC runs at a flawless 60fps (30fps for cutscenes, but big deal). I cranked my video settings and even though it complained at me that I'd be pushing my video card a bit too far, it's run absolutely perfectly. I was amazed at the difference the framerate made. It made me wonder why my PS4 Pro, which is more than powerful enough to to do that, didn't do that. Turns out that Destiny 2 PS4 Pro version, while displaying at 4K, is locked at 30fps. Things are slowly progressing to where 4K display with 60fps will be standard (and won't that be lovely), but until then, I've found there are very few games that will pull off both. So, my question is - given a choice between the two, which do you prefer - the 4K display, or the 60fps framerate? I await your thoughts! -Brew
  7. BrewGuy

    I am awesome.

    Well, you can't win 'em all. 😁
  8. Hello friendly guys and gals. It's your quite-old pal BrewGuy here with an actual post. I know, right? World's gone NUTS. There's been lots of great post-E3 talk, and I saw a lot of stuff that looks terrific, but one inparticular ruined my pants, and that, madams and sirs, was Ghost of Tsushima. I am a huge fan of ancient Japan and the Age of the Samurai. It's ways of duty and strict honour has always been fascinating to me, and probably a big part of the reason why I love kung fu movies so much. You see, in kung fu movies, whether it be two samurai about to face off over seemingly anything, or Chaun Ip Mung vs Chong Li in Bloodsport, there's a moment between the two fighters. That moment where despite their disagreement, their differences, their reasons for fighting, they respect and understand their opponent. Especially in samurai movies, where you will always see a very long pause before the beginning of a fight, as if to allow each combatant a time to fully prepare themselves physically and mentally for what is about to happen - to commit themselves totally to achieving victory for what they believe in. Watching the E3 gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima, it is clear that the developers fully understand this, and are determined to tell their story in a way that honours and respects one of the most respected and awesome warrior the world has ever seen. This is shown from the very first moment our protagonist draws his sword. You'll see "The Pause". Despite the two yelling at each other, the moment of preparation is there. And with one movement, one flick of the wrist, our hero draws his sword and takes down his opponent, drawing the fear and rage of his friends, and beginning the fight enounter. There are multiple reasons to love this game, how it looks, how it tells its story, how its gameplay feels, but THIS was the moment I was 100% sold on Ghost of Tsushima and made it the most anticipated game for myself in recent memory. With this type of character, I will truly be able to roleplay in my head that I am the honourable samurai, doing the honourable thing that honour demands, because honour is everything. I will be that Hattori Honzo - that Kwai Chang Caine - even that Frank Dux from Bloodsport or Nathan Algren from The Last Samurai - that I've always wanted to be. I will finally be Samurai, and I just can't wait. So...what'd you guys think? 😁 --Brew
  9. BrewGuy

    I am awesome.

    UPDATE: It's been a while, and there has been a 3.7% degradation of my awesomeness. I shall endeavor to get that back up to the level that you've come to expect from me. Miss you guys. Hope to try and be more active. It's been tough - I mean hey, this porn won't watch itself - but I'll do my best.
  10. Mine's a Samsung 55" - can't remember the rest of the details, but it does have HDR and it makes a pretty big difference with a lot of games. It's really nice. Very happy with my TV/PS4 Pro investment!
  11. BrewGuy

    Buying a Switch

    I was just wondering, it is actually possible to BUY a Switch at a retail store? Nintendo launches are always the worst, they send like 3 machines to each store then make you wait 6 months. If anybody in the Ontario area actually sees one for sale, please let me know, but I'm expecting I'll have to wait until 2063 (summer).
  12. OHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! It's WrestleMania weekend baby! Should be a lot of fun. I've been watching wrestling for way too long, and doubt I'll ever stop. Too much entertainment to be had.
  13. External hard drive support is now available. Haven't tried it again, but I too am excited for this. Finally, no more deleting and re-downloading! Or at least a lot less of it.
  14. I would like to pick one up, but finding out seems impossible, as is the norm with any Nintendo launch I suppose. I do hate their "give 3 consoles per store then make everybody wait for 3 months" distribution strategy.

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