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  1. Hey GC, Just bought a copy of Deep Rock Galactic yesterday, game launched as Early Access a couple days ago. Seems fun! Anybody have interest in doing some coop? It has Xbox / Windows crossplay (however will not work with Steam version... you have to buy the Windows Store version... Gameplay trailer
  2. Good luck!! If your results are the same as mine, probably not great. I've tried this before with store-bought tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Sprouts are always green, but they have never yielded great results (whereas produce grown from seeds have been great). I have a feeling produce grown for stores are hybridized or something & that doesn't get passed on through the seeds.
  3. Ever played Rust? Because my first few days of rust felt exactly like what you are describing.
  4. Depends. Luc made a post with listings of all TV lags. being the most important factor, I'd start there. Tried out Titanfall 2 on my setup to see how it would react and I was pleasantly surprised. I would have to say there is no noticeable lag.
  5. My brother has had great success with a Mesh Network. Big coverage with little overhead.
  6. Very little lag. I would not play competitive multiplayer games, but it's good enough to be able to time jumps, reaction button presses, etc. Works great! Unfortunately, PC and TV are not well positioned to do that. Plus, I'm in a rented apartment, so no possibility of going in the walls.
  7. Have you guys ever had all the tech for something to work, and didn't know it? I was looking at the Steam Link (http://store.steampowered.com/app/353380/Steam_Link/) as a way to bring my PC games to my big beautiful new 4k TV. Wireless, remote control support, the whole shebang. It's not cheap though, at $65. I then stumbled on Moonlight Streaming app (http://moonlight-stream.com/), which works the same as an nVidea Shield (for streaming games), as long as you have: -an Android TV (check, courtesy of my big beautiful new 4k TV) -nVidea GameStream-compatible PC... I had never heard of this... Apparently as long as you have a nVidea GTX video card, you are good to go. Download the app, sync up to my PC, and voila! Instant PC games on my TV, no fuss, no muss. Works great, and didn't cost me a penny!
  8. Absolutely. Everything else is a non-exclusive (in which case there's a 99% chance that it's cheaper on PC).
  9. Since my original post, I decided to go with a new 55" 4k TV (Sony X900E) with an Xbox One X. More bang for my buck, as the wife-to-be gets to enjoy 4K Netflix & movies. I am loving it. I will keep my old monitors for now (I have three, so I can't really complain). I will be due for a computer overhaul in about a year or two, so it might happen then. More important though is a solid media server & sound system. First world problems, I tell you...
  10. I would be in in a heartbeat, but that's Superbowl Sunday...
  11. I've bought 6 out of 7 Xbox One X games as physical copies, as they were on sale... kinda regretting it, because... yeah, that. Plus, what's the point if I'm going to need to update the game with 30GB+ patch as soon as I get home? Only advantage of physical copy is getting them cheap (on sale or through Kijiji).
  12. Since I haven't seen it posted, Capcom announced a new Mega Man game: Mega Man 11! http://megaman.capcom.com/ Also announced was the Mega Max X Collection, covering all of the X games. I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm excited about buying both of these!
  13. Like... an original Wii? That's pretty cool, still. I wish I had a Wii at 9 years old!

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