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  1. duduvipe


    haha... I've tried to delete the first one... but couldn't figure out how to
  2. duduvipe


    My wife is canadian, from Calgary.
  3. duduvipe

    PS4 Group

    Hey guys, Just wondering if there is a PS4 group that I can join or if we should create one. Let me know so we can start to play together. Cheers!
  4. duduvipe


    Thank you my friend! I will add you guys for sure! Cheers!
  5. duduvipe


    Hahahaha... do you take debit card? I've found gamerdads.ca on google... just trying to build some network since I'm new to Canada.
  6. Hey, I don't know if you guys have checked this already, but every week I really enjoy watching The Game Informer show on youtube. It's really fun to watch and good to keep up with all the new games and some reviews to help to decide which games to buy or not. Cheers and game on!
  7. duduvipe


    Hi everyone! My name is Eduardo. I'm a brazilian dad living in Calgary, AB and I'm looking forward to make connections with others dads that enjoy the gaming experience like I do! Cheers and game on!

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