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  1. A mousepad isn't a new toy...
  2. And then gag at all the gory fights, just like you did with Logan.
  3. I think you're definitely taking me to see it.
  4. Let's just say I'm both glad and disappointed the kids aren't old enough to get it yet. If they were, maybe he'd stop... *wishful thinking*
  5. Quality over quantity Luc... I also work from home. So I get to look at our street all day. The sun's coming in now so it's hard to take a decent picture.
  6. So it's like a fizzy coffee? Huh, I guess I'd have to try it out. Only one way to find out!
  7. I'm actually really confused as to how nitrogen is/can be infused into coffee?! I'd probably give it I a try... once I knew what the difference is. What's the effect on the taste of coffee?
  8. wow.. best selling games with 2 days to deal with.
  9. So crazy that I BEAT you at it! Muahaha!
  10. I actually got this game 1 day before it's store release thanks to Amazon! Doesn't mean I got to play though... haha. But I have been playing with it here and there and I love it! I played the original series on my PC and bought the PS4 version this time around. I'm still adjusting to the controller, but the game itself is incredible. I guess to me going back into a world that I recognize gets me more interested in what happens next in game. I've actually been more interested in playing Mass Effect Andromeda than Horizon Zero Dawn.
  11. jenwolfe


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