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creeping judas

Trumps Solution To End Gun Violence is.....

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....... to attack video games and make them the culprit? Not the fact that any lunatic with a pulse can own a gun in the United States? I bet you any money, that video games have saved more people from violence as a way of acting out their rage, than any NRA sponsored initiative has! 

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The blame needs to go somewhere and it sure as hell won't go to the lack of gun control.  Trump does not want to bite the hand that fed him and powered his election.

The Republicans will come up with every other option, including arming teachers (are you kidding me), yes lets put more guns in the schools.  I still do not understand how this guy made it into the White house.

I get they didn't want the Clinton's in power, but really?

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1 hour ago, creeping judas said:

Who do we blame when one of these armed teachers has had it with little Billy and his annoying questions, and shoots the kid to shut him up?

Video Games!



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